Linen House opened nine new stores and saved with Vend.

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Founded in 1993, Linen House is a family-operated business headquartered in Melbourne, selling linen and homewares for bedroom, bathroom, living and dining.

Nine brick and mortar outlets using Vend - integrated with Netsuite, Payment Express and Afterpay.

At a Glance

Nine new stores opened in 14 months.

Using Vend, Linen House has been able to:

  • Get new stores up and running in half a day’s time.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, consultancy and cabled internet costs.
  • Reduce POS system support tickets by 90%.
  • Easily connect with Payment Express terminals, Netsuite and Afterpay.

The Challenge

With a desire to expand their business, Linen House knew that their outdated POS system would be unable to keep up.

As Head of IT at Linen House, Ted Ozman used to face the daily headache of trying to support two stores using their legacy POS. Their retail platform was decades old and was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and impossible to make changes. When the business started talking about pursuing a new strategy of rapid expansion of retail storefronts, Tez says they knew they would struggle to keep up. “We decided we needed to completely re-platform our retail systems.”

“Our old POS was creating too many problems - too many support issues, too expensive to run and too slow to get set up for a new store opening.”
Tez Ozman, Director - Information Technology

The Solution

Linen House created an entirely new POS system based around Vend, and best of all it was quick and easy to roll out across their stores.

Right from the planning stage with expert partner Annexa, Linen House’s vision was to choose wisely and build a new retail system that would allow for rapid store expansion. Based on cost efficiency & Annexa’s recommendation, Linen House decided on an entirely new retail platform using Vend and Netsuite.

Once Netsuite was implemented, it took Linen House one month (with help from Annexa) to connect Vend with Netsuite. After that was done, Tez was able to help Linen House open three new stores within two months, getting each one set up within a few hours. “It was easy to connect Vend with our Payment Express terminals and with Afterpay,” says Tez. “Store managers and staff love using Vend too, which took a lot of the stress out of getting our new stores up and running."

“Vend supports our retail growth strategy very well. In the last 14 months, we’ve opened nine new stores which run Vend POS. It took less than a few hours max to set up each store.”
Tez Ozman, Director - Information Technology

Linen House brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

With Vend, Linen House has been able to realize their goal of expansion, while saving both time and money.

Fast forward to late 2018, and Linen House has launched nine new stores within 14 months across VIC, NSW and SA. Getting these new stores up and running with Vend on iMacs and integrating with a new Payment Express terminal was a breeze, taking a few hours max. Store set up has also been much more cost efficient.

Even though Linen House has grown their store count five-fold, the team now has more time than ever to focus on growing the business. “Since Vend there’s been 90% fewer POS related support tickets raised,” says Tez. “Our team can now focus on supporting growth initiatives, such as launching ecommerce into the UK and Asia.”

Now, the Linen House team is excited to see what they can do next. Currently, many of their online sales are processed using Afterpay, so they’re excited to launch Afterpay in-store through Vend. They also want to explore Vend’s gift card and loyalty functions, in order to improve their customer experience even more.

“The switch to Vend works out very well from a cost perspective. We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in POS hardware, maintenance and consultancy fees - even though we’ve increased our retail locations five-fold.”
Tez Ozman, Director - Information Technology

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