Vend helped LUC Design manage four times more inventory.

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Founded in 2013, LUC Design has established itself as a go-to source for interesting, iconic and well-designed homewares, furniture, art and fashion in Hobart, Tasmania.

One brick and mortar retail outlet using Vend integrated with Payment Express and Afterpay.

At a Glance

Basket value steadily increased by 15% year on year.

With Vend, LUC Design can now:

  • Easily train and manage new staff
  • Keep track of important metrics and make smarter decisions
  • Add new products with ease
  • Improve customer service and checkout times
  • Check in on store performance from anywhere

The Challenge

After moving to a new, much bigger location in 2015, LUC Design found that a dramatic increase in inventory meant that their existing manual system wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Started by Lucy Given in 2013, LUC Design has gone from strength to strength, growing a large fan base across Hobart and Australia. This led to Lucy moving the store to a much bigger location, but this presented a new set of problems, including a big increase in inventory and management responsibilities. “I found myself hiring staff for the first time,” explains Lucy. “I needed a better way to track how the business was growing, and I chose Vend based on recommendations from friends in the industry.

“I wish I had adopted the right technology much earlier. You think small retailers need not worry about it but it’s been invaluable to keep track of inventory, customers and reporting with Vend.”
Lucy Given, Founder - LUC Design

The Solution

After a positive recommendation from a fellow Hobart retailer, Lucy took a trial of Vend and was impressed with all the features Vend offered.

The decisions to sign up to Vend ended up being quick and easy. “As soon as I took up the trial, I just knew Vend would be perfect for my business,” says Lucy.

Implementing Vend and adding uploading products was a simple process, and Vend was simple enough to easily onboard and train new staff to help with the setup of the new store. “When we moved store, we had boxes and boxes of our products in the new space. Our team unpacked it, put items straight onto Vend and our new store was ready to go,” explains Lucy.

“Vend’s just an easy system to use. We taught ourselves how to upload products, how to look up stock, how to add customer to a sale and more.”
Lucy Given, Founder - LUC Design

LUC Design brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

Lucy is glad that she took up Vend all these years ago, because it meant that the right system has been in place to help make things easier as she focused on growing the business.

LUC Design had grown steadily over the years and become a well known homeware retail destination. Lucy and her team credit some of this success to the level of customer service that Vend helps them provide. “We all like how quickly we can serve a customer on Vend,” says Lucy. “There isn’t any lag time and payments go through EFTPOS to Vend just like that. It’s also quick looking up pricing and stock levels of items.”

Vend Reporting has also been making life easier at LUC Design. “Having up-to-date stock levels in Vend has made stocktake much easier than before. It’s also helped our end-of-month reconciliations and made it so much easier working with my accountant,” explains Lucy.

One of the most important advantages of Vend is that it has helped Lucy to focus on growing her business. She now regularly travels overseas for buying trips and is still able to check in on the store from anytime, anywhere in Vend. “Vend’s got all the features we need as the business continues to grow,” says Lucy. “We’ve grown steadily, tracked all important metrics and made smarter decisions.”

“Running our store on Vend has freed up my time to do things that are important, such as building our Instagram account, going overseas and buying beautiful products.”
Lucy Given, Founder - LUC Design

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