Retrosuperfuture uses Vend to manage their US stores from Europe.

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Italian brand Retrosuperfuture is well known for producing a wide range of outstanding contemporary eyewear options. Its two US stores are the brick and mortar extension of their brand, their innovation and their values.

Retrosuperfuture operates two brick and mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles, managed primarily from their Italian head office.

At a Glance

Immediate drop in staff support calls and training time.

Using Vend, Retrosuperfuture is able to:

  • Utilise integrated payments with Worldpay.
  • Manage back end operations from Italy.
  • Make real-time decisions with no waiting.

The Challenge

Successful Italian-based brand Retrosuperfuture opened brick and mortar stores in the US to better showcase their eyewear range, but frequent point of sale and reporting issues were causing major headaches.

With fans like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Kanye West, Italian eyewear line Retrosuperfuture is well known for collaborations with the likes of J. Crew, Barneys and Starbucks. As an established brand with roots in music and entertainment culture and a cult celebrity following, image and aesthetic is paramount to Retrosuperfuture. Though the majority of sales in America come through established department and eyewear stores, Retrosuperfuture decided to open two stores in the US to fully showcase their range and identity.

Before Vend, the US retail stores saw frequent issues with point of sale and payments. From problems with credit cards to delayed or inconsistent reporting, systems that were supposed to simplify store operations were creating roadblocks and interfering with the customer experience. Plus, the team found it hard to communicate store performance and issues with their headquarters in Italy.

“The US market is incredibly important for Retrosuperfuture, and while our brick and mortar stores don’t represent the bulk of our sales, they are our chance to showcase our products, to interact directly with our customers and control the end to experience.”
Valentina Lattuada, Trade Marketing

The Solution

When their existing systems proved inconsistent and difficult to manage remotely, the Retrosuperfuture team started searching for a point of sale system that would work seamlessly with payments, allowing staff to focus on the customer experience.

The team’s online research pointed to Vend and stellar reviews and testimonials piqued their interest. An integration with Worldpay meant they could trust that payments would no longer cause issues - in fact, it would save time at the checkout, and during end-of-day closing. Additionally, they found that Vend had easy product uploads, multi-outlet management and flexible reporting - all key to help their Italian head office team support their US brick and mortar stores.

“Our Italian team can’t be fielding calls from our US stores at all hours, we need something that works consistently - Vend and Worldpay provide that peace of mind.”
Valentina Lattuada, Trade Marketing

Retrosuperfuture brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

With Vend, the Retrosuperfuture management team are now able to view store data from anywhere in the world, and the team have seen improvements in every area of the business.

The Retrosuperfuture team saw benefits to Vend almost immediately, with a drastic drop in staff support calls and training time. Vend’s flexible reporting means they can easily look for trends to forecast performance and plan promotions.

Before Vend, business decisions were slowed down by reporting that took up to a week to make its way to the head office team. With Vend, the team now easily monitor store activity remotely, upload new products in minutes and make decisions based on up to the minute data.

“From easy training to flexible reporting and integrated payments, Vend makes it easy for our global team to manage the US stores. Our staff can focus on the customer experience, not the systems.”
Valentina Lattuada, Trade Marketing

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