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Sennheiser is a leading global brand specializing in the design, production, and retail of both consumer and high-fidelity audio products.

Standalone retail across several countries with wide distribution and wholesale, as well as 2,000+ employees.

At a Glance

80% cheaper than legacy POS

Using Vend, Sennheiser were able to:

  • Use the cloud to access retail data in real-time.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively set up new locations.
  • Easily implement new hardware at very little cost.
  • Seamlessly activate extra registers during busy periods.

The Challenge

Sennheiser are well-known for their beautiful retail concept stores in the Middle East and Europe. But they were new to American standalone retail and needed to create a big impact — fast.

Sennheiser had designed a custom retail experience for the high-footfall and state-of-the-art Oculus building, and they needed a POS with the same level of innovation and flexibility.

In Europe, they used a legacy point of sale that was going to be expensive and slow to set up in their new American location. The company wanted to make sure all their investment went towards great customer experiences, not complicated infrastructure.

“With Vend, we can literally launch a store in 5 minutes, add 20 registers, and set up multiple locations anywhere in the world.”
Jason Weber, Ecommerce Manager

The Solution

Sennheiser chose Vend for its quick setup and ease-of-use. With it, they’re taking the POS to the people.

Running Vend on iPad allows Sennheiser sales associates to take the POS to the customer, breaking down barriers and making a great first impression. It also allows the business to scale with demand.

To ensure Black Friday 2016 was a success, Sennheiser added extra registers during busy periods. By giving 12 sales associates iPad minis, they removed queues, sped up transactions, and made every staff member a mobile POS system, making for an incredibly successful sales day.

In addition to Vend for their POS needs, inventory management, and reporting, Sennheiser chose PayPal for payments, Shopify for their online store, and a Star mPOP as their cash drawer and printer.

“By having a point of sale as innovative as our concept stores, we were able to scale cost-effectively when we needed to.”
Jason Weber, Ecommerce Manager

Sennheiser brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

On time, under budget, and making sales targets.

By integrating the world’s leading cloud business apps with Vend, Sennheiser were able to enter a new market quickly and at a fraction of the cost of their legacy technology. They achieved 80% savings thanks to the low cost of using iPad, a Star mPOP, and wireless networks.

By integrating Vend with Shopify and PayPal and using Vend as the master inventory system, Sennheiser stitched together an enterprise-level solution for a small-business price.

And by taking the sale to the customer, they successfully launched their Oculus Building store, beating sales targets and creating loyal customers in market.

“With Vend, we can go to market quickly and reach our customers faster — and with the strong Vend-Shopify integration, we’re able to run great ecommerce and do even more than before.”
Jason Weber, Ecommerce Manager

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