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Vend is point of sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software for iPad, Mac & PC. Easily manage and scale your business, from one store to many, in the cloud.

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hardware setup for your EPOS system

How can Vend’s EPOS system propel you to retail success?

Retail is fiercely competitive. Vend keeps you two steps ahead of your competition.

Save time and money on setup and maintenance.

Vend frees you from having to deal with clunky and complicated equipment. It runs on gadgets you already use, whether it’s a Mac, PC, iPad, or any device with a web browser. To get started, you can set up your EPOS system yourself or have a Customer Success Manager assist you. Plus, updates are handled by Vend automatically, so you can focus on your business instead of maintaining the software.

Get to know your products, employees, and business better.

Having real-time reporting means you can get insights on product, staff, and store performance anytime, anywhere. This enables you to make smarter decisions more quickly. Whether you’re choosing which products to put on sale or which associates to schedule during peak times, Vend provides the data you need to move your business forward.

Sell more of the products that improve your bottom line.

Avoid overstocks and stockouts with intuitive inventory management features such as automatic stock orders, partial inventory counts, and simultaneous stock-taking. And because Vend is cloud-based, you can easily track and manage inventory even if you have thousands of SKUs across multiple locations.

Sydney Skydivers

Vend Retail Success:
Sydney Skydivers

It’s simple, it’s fast and it ties together all our remote shops and offices in a way that is nearly trivial to the user but obviously with Vend doing the POS magic to make it look easy.

Why 18,000+ retailers trust Vend to power their stores.

There are many EPOS system options out there. So why do retailers the world over choose Vend?


Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.

Works on any device.

Vend works on iPad, Mac or PC. All you need is a browser. It may even work with POS hardware you already own.

Works offline.

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.

Accept any payments.

Vend works with leading merchant providers globally, so you can choose the best way to accept payments in your store.

Connect add-ons.

Vend connects to the best business apps in accounting, eCommerce, staff rostering and more - run your entire business online

Awesome customer care.

We provide 24/7 customer support, and have a global network of Vend Expert partners to help you get up and running.

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Choose a setup that works for you.

Vend’s EPOS system works with devices you already use, whether it’s a Mac, PC, iPad, or tablet.

hardware setup for your EPOS system
Vend works on any device, anywhere.

Access sales, customer, and other pertinent business data from anywhere. Vend can function on any device with a web browser.

Improve the checkout and overall retail experience.

Vend’s modern and user-friendly interface allows you and your staff to ring up sales faster so you can give shoppers the best experience possible.

Vend takes the “hard” out of hardware.

It’s plug-and-play-compatible with various hardware, so setup is easy. See if it works with your current equipment or check out our range of recommended hardware.

What our customers say about us.

Find out what thousands of Vend customers worldwide have to say about our EPOS system.

Vend EPOS system customer Crane Brothers

Vend has saved us the equivalent of 40–80 hours a week in productivity. That’s the equivalent of two full time people.

Crane Brothers

Vend EPOS system customer Beauty Pod

Having Vend as our central hub for managing sales, customers and our stock is awesome. The best bit is we can access Vend on any one of our many devices at any place and time.

Beauty Pod

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Honest (non-salesy) answers to your top questions about switching to Vend.

I don’t want to spend a fortune, how much is the switch to Vend?

We don’t want you to spend a fortune either which is why Vend has a tiered pricing model where the costs depend on how big your business is. Plans start at USD$69 per month and can go up to USD$249 per month (USD$199 per month if billed annually).

All plans include one free register, but you can add as many registers as you need. Depending on the plan you select, registers start at USD$49 per register per month (or USD$39 per month if billed annually). To be safe, you should probably start with a free account so you can give us a test drive without investing too much from the get-go.

I’m a very busy person, how much time does it take to set up Vend?

It really depends on how many products you have and how busy you are. Some merchants complete the process within a couple of hours, but if you have tons of SKUs and not a lot of free time, it could take weeks.

We do understand that time IS money for entrepreneurs, so in order to make set-up as quick and painless as possible, we recommend that you prepare CSV files of the following before starting the process:

  • List of all products
  • List of prices and tax information
  • List of SKUs or barcodes
  • List of customers

For more info, you might want to check out Vend’s POS Buyer’s Guide where we provide more information + checklists of what you may need when choosing and setting up your POS. If you need someone to walk you through the process, just get in touch with us and support staff can assist you.

Vend also offers professional services that include hands-free setup (where we take care of everything, including migrating products and customers) and one-to-one training. Contact us for more information.

Alternatively, you can find a Vend partner in your area to provide on-site POS installation and account set up for you. Our partners are certified Vend experts who can get you up and running with the hardware, software, and add-ons you need to run your store.

Is Vend compatible with my existing hardware?

It’s very likely that Vend will play nice with the printers, scanners, credit card readers, and equipment you already have. We focus on making the software work with the best and most commonly used retail hardware and we hear a lot from retailers using Vend successfully with printers we’d never even heard of.

But to be sure, swing by Vend’s Hardware Guide as well as our Recommended Hardware Page for detailed specs on the hardware, peripherals, and computers compatible with Vend.

Can’t find your existing hardware on our list of recommendations? Contact our Retail Solutions Specialists at or sign up for a free account and see how Vend works with your store’s existing hardware.

I'm happy with my current POS system, is Vend really a better option?

Most people who switch to Vend never look back. Merchants love the software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as its features and integrations. You don’t have to take our word for it though; here are some examples of happy Vend customers and what they have to say about the POS.

However, we understand that each business is unique and not all tools may be a good fit for you. That’s why we invite you to take a tour of our software and see if it meets your needs.

You can also register for a free account to get a hands-on feel of how it works. Finally, you can always talk to our trusty sales consultants for any specific questions or concerns and they’ll help you decide if Vend really is right for you. Drop us a line at

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Vend is the world’s leading EPOS system.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out these third-party reviews for complete transparency.

4.5 stars for Vend EPOS system

“Vend has genuinely transformed our business. All of its features and integrations have quadrupled our efficiency, giving us time to focus on how to grow our business.”

4.5 stars for Vend EPOS system

“Going with a cloud-based POS has allowed us to scale and access our data from any location and smoothly integrate the eCommerce and retail experience.”

5 Stars for Vend EPOS system

“If you stick with your old cash register, your business will suffer. If you are serious about growing your business and you need POS, Vend is a must have.”

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