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Etsy House and Vend

Vend Register and iZettle have enabled us to have a mobile checkout system. People can come in, browse the space, and not feel like they have to move to one location to pay. It allows our staff to take credit cards and enables us to do e-receipts, and to focus on that customer experience.

Etsy, London

Why 20,000+ retailers worldwide love Vend.

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Works offline

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Want to know more?

View the full transcript from the Etsy House showcase.

(Simon Pound, Vend Head of Brand and Communications)
Etsy are this great company that help small designers take on the world, and at Vend we are all about that, so when they asked us to be their point of sale for their pop-up store we just jumped at the chance.

(Jonathan Zatland,, Multi-channel Manager)
We’re in Covent Garden, in London, we are representing today 121 Etsy sellers. Multiple categories of product from homewares to kids to fashion to jewellery to stationary. It’s all about promoting small businesses and helping showcase independent design.

(Simon Pound)
The scale of this is totally awesome, there are thousands of customers, thousands of transactions and thousands of products, all over just three days.

(Jonathan Zatland)
With iZettle as the payments solution integrated with Vend as the inventory management system, that has enabled us to have this mobile checkout system that we wanted.

We wanted people to be able to come in, browse the space, not have to feel like they were having to move toward one location to pay. It allows our staffers to take credit cards and enables us also to do e-receipts.

I think Vend could be very useful to our customers, we have over 1 million shops on Etsy.

A lot of our sellers potentially only have an Etsy shop -some have their own websites too - I think Vend could very much help them as customers do want to see and feel and visit spaces.

With Vend we’ve been able to provide, I believe, a very, very slick customer experience.