The Harvard Shop uses Vend’s POS software system.

Vend Retail Success:
Ali Bayar, The Harvard Shop, Massachusetts

Vend has been incredibly effective in helping us be able to visualise our own performance in real time and be able to coordinate our work effectively. I would recommend it to anyone in retail.

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Vend is a very scalable point of sale system; as soon as we started using it at one site it was very easy to roll out at other sites.

Tom Shoosmith, Magic Memories

With the launch of Vend Ecommerce, we plan to increase sales by 20%. Vend Ecommerce is amazing because I don’t need to be a web expert, it’s so easy to use, and so plug-and-play that you can easily attain a site, no matter who you are.

Christina Ruiz, TopShelf Style
San Francisco

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