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A fast, secure checkout experience, for you and your customers

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End-to-end integration for seamless transactions

Sales information syncs directly to your payment terminal, for a smooth checkout experience.

Fully loaded payment hardware

Hardware with the latest technology accepts credit, debit and gift cards via swipe, dip or tap payment entry methods.

Safe and secure

Process transactions safely with EMV-compatible terminals, end-to-end encryption, and built-in PCI compliance.

Simple to set up

Plug-and-play hardware is easy to set-up, and our support team is available if you need help.

Sleek hardware, built for your store

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Fully automated & full of great features

Payment amounts are automatically sent to your terminal for a fast, precise check-out experience. Wired and wireless terminal options are available, for taking payments In-store, on-the-road or curbside.

All payment types accepted

Supports NFC payment types like Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, contactless credit cards and card not present sale. Accepts magnetic stripe or chip and PIN credit and debit cards.

Competitive pricing with no hidden fees

No set up fees or other hidden costs

No monthly minimum transaction and a predictable flat rate pricing model. Lightspeed Payments works for any business at any stage.

Rates you'll love

  • Card Present Rates: 2.6% + $0.10
  • Card Not Present Rates: 2.6% + $0.30
  • Preferential software rates
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Frictionless set up and support

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Easy to use from the get-go

Plug-and-play hardware offers you a frictionless set up process, to get your business transacting quickly and painlessly. Onboarding and tech support for Lightspeed Payments and Vend POS are all handled by our team, so you don’t have to turn to 3rd parties for help.

Reliable payment processing

With your POS and payment processor tightly integrated, you can say goodbye to downtimes, dropped connections, and tricky back-end logistics.

Real-time integrated reporting

LS Payments reporting

Accurate reporting

Payment reports are available from within Vend, so you don’t have to leave your back office.

Time saving workflows

Save time when you close your registers at the end of each day thanks to integrated reporting data. Share reports outside of your POS, with payment reports exports and downloads.

Best in class security standards

Data security

Data security and fraud protection

Process transactions safely with EMV-compatible terminals. Built-in PCI compliance to prevent security breaches and card data theft.

Ongoing security monitoring

End-to-end encryption, chargeback assistance and constant monitoring of suspicious activity protect you and your customers from fraud.

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Loved by businesses everywhere

"Lightspeed Payments helps with our business because it's easy to use. Not only is it customer-friendly, it's retailer-friendly." - Alysia Jackson, Co-Owner, Blazers & Bottoms

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Lightspeed Payments for Vend FAQs

Your existing contract may include cancellation fees or terms. These terms differ between payment providers. Our team can help you to make the switch to Lightspeed Payments, guiding you from start to finish to get you up and running.

With a simple fee structure, you’ll never find unexpected or confusing fees on your statement. The only thing you can expect is a $15 chargeback fee, if a fee is disputed by a customer or their bank.

Generally, you’ll see money deposited into your account after 1 working day of a transaction being made. A number of factors can impact this timeline, such as bank system delays or risk monitoring. Learn more about the process of transferring funds from your customers bank account to your account here.

One free payment terminal is provided per location. Additional hardware can be purchased separately. This terminal can process contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, other NFC payments, chip cards and magstripe cards. For security purposes, only Lightspeed payment terminals are supported by Lightspeed Payments for Vend.

Lightspeed Payments accepts all major credit and debit cards. And the rate is always the same no matter what card your customer chooses to pay with.

Lightspeed Payments does not currently support online payment processing.

Sadly, chargebacks can happen and they are a reality no retailer can escape. Luckily, we make it easy for you to deal with these. You will be charged a single $15 fee and we will fight tooth and nail to dispute the claim on your behalf. We’ll assist you from start to finish and keep you updated on the status as the dispute progresses.

Your transaction and payout reports are all in your Vend by Lightspeed POS, in the same place you run all your other standard reports from. Your deposits and batches are tracked within your store’s POS, making reconciliation fast and easy.

Lightspeed Payments for Vend is available for stores in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Use of Lightspeed Payments is prohibited or restricted for some types of goods. Please contact us to find out more.

Once you have received your payment terminal, you can go ahead and create the Lightspeed Payments payment type within your Vend store. Follow the steps in our set up guides in order to connect to Lightspeed Payments.