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Customer portal in Vend's customer loyalty reward program.

Engage your customers. Every customer.

Joining your Loyalty program couldn’t be easier. Just switch it on and every qualifying purchase earns loyalty. New customers are automatically added into the program. Forget to sign up a customer during a sale? No problem, with Vend your customers can register and redeem loyalty later, online, by following simple instructions on their printed or email receipt.

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Earning loyalty in Vend's customer loyalty reward program.

Earning Loyalty Rewards.

Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase. Encourage new customers to join by offering additional loyalty points if they register online. Loyalty is earned in your local currency, so it's easy for customers to see the benefits.

Redeeming loyalty in Vend's customer loyalty reward program.

Redeeming Loyalty Rewards.

Customers can see their loyalty balance on receipts, and redeem it as credit against future purchases. Staff can view a customer's loyalty balance at the sell & payment screens. Applying credit during checkout is as easy as clicking a payment type. Loyalty balances are then instantly updated.

You’re in control.

Offer one simple customer loyalty reward rate on all products, or apply custom rates for special products. Pricebooks allow flexibility to offer bonus rates to groups of products or customers, for limited time promotions or VIP rewards.

You're in control with Vend's customer loyalty reward program.
Know your top customers with Vend's customer loyalty reward program.

Know your top customers.

Quickly see who are your most loyal customers, or run a report to see the total balance of loyalty earned across all customers. Filter your best customers and export their details for marketing campaigns.

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