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About Vend.

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and retail platform that gives retailers everything they need to manage and grow their business. Vend enables retailers to accept payments, sell in-store and online, manage their inventory, reward customer loyalty, and report on their business in real-time.

Vend works with a wide range of point-of-sale hardware, and is simple to set up — all you need is a web browser. Vend seamlessly integrates with other useful business tools, including accounting software Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Launched in late 2010, Vend is now used in over 15,000 stores across 140 countries and is seeing continued rapid global growth in 2015.

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Mission statement & values.

We write, deliver and support wonderful retail software that independent retailers anywhere in the world can use to run their stores, make sales, and engage with their customers.

Our mission is to make independent retailers’ lives easier by cutting hours of work from their week with simplified processes and niche add-ons, and giving them the real-time data and insights they need to compete with retail giants.

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Vend Fast Facts:

  • Vend is a beautifully simple cloud solution that allows new customers to get up and running and take sales in just 10 minutes.
  • Vend is used in over 15,000 stores in 140 countries.
  • Notable clients include Disney, NASA, Stanford University, The Harvard Store, and Threadless.
  • Vend has secured more than $35 million in capital since launching in 2010.
  • Vend has offices in San Francisco, Melbourne, Toronto, London, Wellington and is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Vend has won Gold and Bronze Stevie Awards at the American and International Business Awards.

Key Investors:

  • Mr Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, partner — Valar Ventures.
  • Mr Paul Bassat, co-founder of
  • Mr Sam Morgan, founder of Trade Me.
  • Mr Rowan Simpson, founder of Southgate Labs.
  • Mr Christoph Janz, of Point Nine Capital in Europe.
  • Mr Craig Winkler, co-founder of MYOB and a cornerstone investor in Xero.

Our customer stories.

TopShelf Style
San Francisco

Etsy House

Hong Kong

Vend Founder Vaughan

Vaughan Rowsell

Vend Founder and CEO

Vaughan is a software engineer with more than 15 years experience. He’s a veteran of several start-ups, including Kiwi auction site Trade Me. Vaughan founded, coded, and then publicly launched Vend in late 2010.

His obsession for cloud-based applications began as a mission to prove that functioning and successful POS can move entirely into the cloud and still meet the strict demands of business owners.

“I was inspired by Xero, taking industries that have outdated software and innovating beyond that. The setup cost to retailers for a traditional POS system can be astronomical, tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of hassle before they’ve even made their first sale. With Vend, retailers can be up and running in minutes, for a low monthly fee. Plus, it’s software they actually love to use,” says Vaughan.

Vaughan is now less hands on with coding the Vend product, and instead focuses on leading talented teams of people in offices around the world — including Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, San Francisco, London and Toronto.


“Vend sells ability; namely, the ability to identify those areas of your business where you feel stuck, frustrated or dead-ended and not just fix them … but fix them in community.”

“Vend, like its collaborative partner Xero, has taken off with cloud software. Vend’s software enables businesses to process payments, manage their inventory and track customers, as well as providing loyalty incentives and running business analytics.”

“PayPal is now making it possible for merchants using POS software provider Vend to very quickly enable PayPal within their stores — again, without replacing their current POS infrastructure.”

“A point of sales start-up from New Zealand has broken into the mainstream.”

“Vend is at the forefront of integrating payments into point of sale systems.”

“Vend is a fast-charging business, it seems that Point 9 have made another canny investment in a company with real potential.”

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Kate Webby, PR Manager

Company Name.

Operating name: Vend
Legal name: Vend Limited

Company Address.


PO Box 99426
Auckland, 1023
New Zealand


Level 1, 2-36 Nuffield Street
Auckland, 1023
New Zealand