Sell and manage gift cards through Vend.

Bring in new customers with professional, flexible, and brandable gift cards. You can also issue and redeem store credit to keep your customers coming back.


Presenting gift cards

  • Create branded gift cards here
  • Increase customer base and payment options
  • Avoid refunds by offering store credit
  • Can also be redeemed on Vend Ecommerce

Track movements across shifts, days and cashiers
with cash management.

Reduce errors, theft and discrepancies with our simple cash management solution.
Record all changes from cash float to register closure.


Money Talks

  • Set your float totals and track all movements
  • Keep a record from shift to shift, open to close
  • Monitor store and staff performance
  • Handle customer cash withdrawals with ease

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Create a beautifully fast checkout, on mobile or desktop.

We’re taking the best of our new iOS Register app to redesign the experience for web-based POS.
Faster, easier and more customizable.


Designed to delight

  • Quickly search for any product or customer
  • Make notes, discounts or changes on line items
  • Easily make sales on any screen size with our completely redesigned interface

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Now you can open up your business to the world with
Vend Ecommerce.

Perfect for brick & mortar retailers using Vend, you can now combine your point of sale,
ecommerce, and insights to grow your retail business.


Sell anywhere anytime

  • Create your online store in minutes
  • Get products online with one click
  • Seamlessly sync your inventory
  • Manage only one customer list
  • See all sales in one set of reports

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Know even more about your business with Vend Reporting.

Powerful, customizable reports will let you get right into the nitty gritty of your business
so you know where you stand, all of the time.


Insights for better business

  • Report by product, tag, brand, customer and more
  • Add multiple filters to your reports
  • See the results in an instant

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Stay on top of your inventory, painlessly.

Take the pain out of one of the biggest jobs in retail so you can easily know exactly
what you hold and what it’s worth.


Stay in control

  • Do a full or partial count
  • Schedule counts in advance
  • Download CSVs or PDFs
  • Built to help you keep track
  • It’s light work with team counts

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Build loyalty with a customer facing display.

With greater transparency during the sales process, customers can see exactly what’s
being processed and you can capture customer details while they are being served.


Let customers into your world

  • Effortlessly build your customer database
  • Make your sales process crystal clear
  • Streamline your sales process
  • Achieve legislative compliance, easily

See what the world’s best retailers have to say about Vend.

Vend has been incredibly effective in helping us be able to visualise our own performance in real time and be able to coordinate our work effectively. I would recommend it to anyone in retail.

Ali Bayar, The Harvard Shop

We chose Vend for our pop-up because it's very simple to use. It has been very easy to train staff and manage inventory. We have over 1 million shops on and I think Vend could very much help them.

Jonathan Zatland​, Etsy

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