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Grow your bike shop business with Vend POS.

Take control of your inventory, keep tabs on your metrics, and scale your business with ease. Vend is the cloud-based POS system software designed for clever bike shops.

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Manage multiple stores, and even go off the beaten track.

Vend works in a web-browser or iPad app so whether you’re on the road or a back-trial, or have multiple locations, Vend will go with you anywhere. You can scale up, down (or sideways) with ease — adding new locations and registers is as simple as clicking a button. Plus Vend’s offline mode means you can make sales in even the most remote locations.


Get the insights to grow your business.

Get in front of the pack with real-time reporting. Track your best products, your busiest hours, and your biggest customers from anywhere in the world. Vend also integrates with time scheduling platforms so you can keep a tab on your instructors, appointments and lessons as well.


Manage and import inventory, simply.

Vend makes inventory easy by quickly allowing you to add, edit, and remove products. With built-in management, you can easily track stock levels across multiple locations and order new supplies in too, making out-of-stock nightmares a thing of the past. Vend’s seamless integration with the leading ecommerce platforms means you can sell in-store and online.

Vend Bike Switzerland

We love how email receipts in Vend allow us to do away with paper while enabling us to collect customers’ emails. Vend allows me to check up on my store while on vacation. I don’t have to call my employees at the end of the day to ask about sales, instead I’m able to see everything on my phone.

John Klemme, Bike Switzerland

How Vend POS can transform your business.

Retail is demanding. Vend makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions.

Easy to set up.

Vend is easy to set up and a joy to use. Vend works with a wide range of POS hardware and we can help you get started with tutorials, videos and a range of support options.

What hardware works with Vend?

Start seeing sales, products, customers.

You can upload a product and make a sale in minutes. Once you have sales data you will be able to see more than ever before about your business with our powerful reporting. Learn what makes you money and what you can do better.

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Word is getting out. It’s a retail revolution.

Find out what thousands of Vend customers around the world have to say about our online POS software.

Lucky Brakes

As I’m quite new to POS systems, being able to import stuff on a spreadsheet was a huge timesaver during the set-up stages. Being a start-up, the flexibility really works for us.

John Cox, Lucky Brakes

Vend Rockets and Raascals

Vend is a powerful tool for a business owner when combined with Xero, but also connects to ecommerce platforms to create what seems to be the holy trinity of business solutions — three tasks with just one lot of input.

Steve Toze, Rockets and Rascals

Why 20,000+ stores worldwide love Vend.

Vend is POS, inventory & customer loyalty software that is easy to set up, and powerful to use.


Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.

Works on any device.

Vend works on iPad, Mac or PC. All you need is a browser. It may even work with POS hardware you already own.

Works offline.

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.

Accept any payments.

Vend works with leading merchant providers globally, so you can choose the best way to accept payments in your store.

Connect add-ons.

Vend connects to the best business apps in accounting, ecommerce, staff rostering and more. Run your entire business online.

Awesome customer care.

We provide 24/7 customer support, and have a global network of Vend Expert partners to help you get up and running.

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