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Be a Vend Advisor

As a Vend Advisor you’ll earn valuable commission for every referred client who activates.

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Revolutionize your client’s retail business with Vend, earn commission, and save time and money every day

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Retail accounting made simple.

Vend point of sale connects with Xero and QuickBooks Online to share data between a retailer’s store and their accounting software, seamlessly in the cloud. This helps accountants and bookkeepers save time on double entry, and focus on more important things.

The Advisor Program

Refer your clients to Vend, earn commission, and remain informed while we take care of the setup and training.

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Earn comission


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Benefits for you and your retail clients

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Earn a USD$150 one-off bounty for every client who activates a Vend account. Commission is paid once the bounty revenue has been earned.
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Partner dashboard

Easily track your leads and commission. Access marketing resources and guides, and keep up-to-date with the latest news.
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Get certified on accounting integration relevant to your practice. Learn what Vend can do, who Vend is right for, and what retailers want to know.
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Promotional tools

Receive ready-made marketing collateral, brand assets for creating your own materials, and guides to easily promote your value-added services.
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Integrated accounting

Skip the double entry and save time every day when your retail clients’ point of sale is connected with their accounting software. We take care of the Vend side of the setup.
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How to become an Advisor



Complete training


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Frequently asked questions

Anyone can be a Vend Advisor, including existing Vend customers, accountants, bookkeepers, add-ons, web developers, consultants or straight up Vend fans.

Aside from the application (5 mins) and training (1 hour) process, becoming a Vend Advisor requires very little time. Referring clients is done through your partner dashboard and takes less than a minute. Commissions are paid automatically each month.

We understand how important great client relations are for you. They’re vital for us, too. That’s why we keep you in the loop from the moment you refer a client, to the moment their setup is completed. We can even help with the Vend side of integrations with Xero and QuickBooks Online, so everyone can hit the ground running.

This is up to your client. We only provide account owners with access to their Vend account. Account owners are responsible for setting up additional users.

The Vend Advisor program is low-touch with no time commitment. It is designed for people who wish to spread the word about Vend, earn a commission, and/or provide contacts and clients with useful software and valuable services. No client setup or support is required of Advisors.

The Vend Expert program is high-touch and time intensive. It is designed for people who build their business around providing hands-on services and support to clients. Experts can build a robust business around Vend.

Learn more about the Expert program.

Once the integration is set up, Vend will automatically send daily sales, account sales, payment totals, and stock orders from Vend to Xero.

The integration allows retailers and their financial advisors to reconcile payment deposits in retailer’s bank account each day with sales totals and payment totals from Vend. You can also match payments made to suppliers against stock order invoices, and payments from invoiced customers against their account sales.

Sales, posted stock purchases and payments will all be reflected in balance sheets and P&L in Xero.

Learn more about Vend’s integration with Xero.

Only available in the US. Integrating Vend with QuickBooks Online takes just a few minutes. Once integrated, Vend will automatically send end of day register closures to QuickBooks Online.

The integration reduces time spent on double data entry, and reduces errors. This allows retailers and their financial advisors to reconcile payment deposits in retailer’s bank account each day with sales totals and payment totals from Vend.

Learn more about Vend’s integration with QuickBooks Online.

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