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POS security: six smart ways to protect retailer and customer data

This resource will shed light on the ways you can protect your business from hackers and fraudsters.
POS Security

Welcome to Vend’s POS Security Guide!

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Beef up physical security

Failing to secure your POS and credit card terminals may lead to equipment tampering, which in turn could leave you vulnerable to breaches.

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Secure your store network

You’ve worked hard to safeguard your hardware and software; now it’s time to ensure your store’s network is also protected.

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Keep your software and apps in check

Applications and software can certainly help you run your business better, but if they’re not managed properly, they can make you vulnerable to data breaches and hacks.

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Create strong passwords

Keep your accounts, POS, and other devices secure with strong passwords.

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Safeguard customer data

It’s not enough to secure your own data. As a retailer, you should go to great lengths to protect customer information.

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Train your staff

Your employees play an important part in upholding retail security, so see to it that they’re knowledgeable and well-trained in keeping your store secure.