BigCommerce integration now available for retailers on Pro & Enterprise plans

We've partnered with BigCommerce to bring you an even better way to sell in-store and online. Sell on your favourite social media channels and marketplaces, as well as centralize your operations across all sales channels.

Bigcommerce is currently available in beta to integrate with Vend on our latest Pro and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

July 2019


Vend iOS version 3.1.8

With the latest version of Vend iOS, you can now retrieve parked sales directly from the Sell Screen. We've also replaced Void Sale with Discard Sale, and to keep reports tidy no record will be kept of discarded sales if no payment has been taken, no receipt has been printed, or no layby or return is made.

You will now find Park Sale and Discard Sale in the navigation bar of the Sell Screen, making them even easier to access.

Plus, the cash drawer will now open before setting your opening float (not afterward) and we've added support for partial refunds and exchanges when using iZettle. Find out more


Filter reports your way

Later this month you'll be able to group Sales, Inventory and Payment reports by day of the week and hour of the day, making it easier to drill into your store's activity and make decisions like when to be open to maximize your sales.

All report formatting options can now be found by clicking 'Format Results' - including options to group report rows by products or to show variants. Find out more


New Quick Cash Suggestions when accepting payments

We've added new and more accurate 'Quick Cash' suggestions when accepting cash payments, saving time at checkout.

Plus, accepting split payments is now simpler with new help text to prompt Cashiers when processing these sales. Find out more

May 2019


Customer page search updates

We've made it easier to find customers with enhanced search functionality on the customer page, plus new location filters and a datepicker. You can now also view all customer details (including store credit balances) in one place.


Simplified bulk product uploads

You no longer need the SKU or handle when uploading products using a CSV file. And, if you import a CSV with unrecognised column names, Vend will try to match these with expected ones. If essential information is still missing, you can download your CSV file with updated headings and re-upload it when fixed. Find out more. Find out more


Improvement to the Home Dashboard

We’re refreshing our Home screen dashboard to make it easier to use and more informative. You’ll be able to compare daily, weekly and monthly figures against the relevant previous period. Plus, all results will be tax inclusive or exclusive to match your sales tax setup. Find out more

February 2019


Vend POS iPad app release: version 3.1.0

iOS version 3.1.0 of the Vend POS app includes access to new and improved Customizable Receipts for iPad. Also, after completing a sale, you'll see a full Sale Summary - and have the ability to add a customer to your database when you email them a receipt. We've also made some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements. See what else is new.


New and Improved Receipt Templates

Enjoy a fresh new look that’s easier to print and more durable, simpler receipt setup, the flexibility to add more details, and a more personalized experience for your customers. What's changed?

January 2019


Reload funds onto an existing Gift Card.

It's now possible to add more money to an existing gift card in Vend. All you need to do is search the gift card number from the Sell screen, then choose to add funds to the gift card. Find out more.


Vend POS iPad app release: version 3.0.6 and updates to Vend Display iPad app: version 1.4.

We've made improvements to how Vend POS works with Vend Display, our customer facing display app for iPad. If you use Vend Display, please update BOTH apps (Vend POS and Vend Display) in order to continue selling. You can do this by going to the App Store > Updates then clicking 'UPDATE' next to Vend POS and Vend Display. Vend POS also now supports all Star mC-Print2 and mC-Print3 printer models, and has had some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

November 2018


Update to Advanced User Permissions.

As a default permission, Cashiers were previously unable to delete products in Vend. Now Admin users have the flexibility to choose whether Cashiers or Managers are authorized to delete products in Vend.


Redemption limits to Promo Codes.

It's now possible to limit the amount of times a promo code can be redeemed in your store. Reward shoppers that get in first and ensure your promo codes aren't being over-used. Find out more.

October 2018


WooCommerce integration now available for retailers on Pro & Enterprise plans.

At Vend, we want to make it easier than ever to connect to the retail apps you already love. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our integration with WooCommerce. You’ll enjoy an instant two-way sync of sales, customers, products and inventory across your stores and online. Plus, you can sell via Facebook and Instagram while stock levels update instantly in WooCommerce and Vend. Find out more.

September 2018


Change to how filters work when setting up Promotions.

We've updated how filters work when setting up a promotion in Vend, so it's easier to include or exclude specific items from a promotion. Products will now only be included or excluded if they satisfy all different filters used to create a promotion, such as tag, type, brand, and supplier. You can always check which products your promotion will be applied to by looking under Type of Promotion. Find out more.


More information about Store Credit at the Sell screen.

It's now easy to see which employees issued store credit to a customer and why. Just click the customers' details at the Sell screen to view who issued store credit, along with any related notes. Find out more.

August 2018


You can now run a sale in Vend using Promo Codes.

Attract new and engage existing shoppers with Promo Codes! Share Promo Codes on your favourite channels, so customers can redeem special offers in-store. Find out more.


Enhancements to Vend's Sell screen on iPad.

We're making improvents to our Sell screen on iPad to make checkout even faster for you and your shoppers.
What's changing?

  • Search bars will appear on the Sell screen and will be split into Product and Customer search, making it easier to add relevant items or shoppers to a sale.
  • On-Account, Loyalty and Store Credit balances can be viewed when a customer is added to a sale. Just click on the customer to expand and view their details.
  • Notes can now be added in a single click, from the bottom of the cart.
  • The slide-to-delete function for products is now disabled. To remove a product from a sale, simply click on the trash symbol next to an item.
  • When a large number of products has been added to a sale, the ADD section will disappear while scrolling down, giving you more room to see what's in the cart. The section will then reappear when scrolling back up again.
See our Help Center article for more details.

July 2018


Accept payments with Chase Merchant Services.

Canadian retailers using Chase Merchant Services will now be able to directly connect with Vend on iPad to take faster, more secure payments in-store. Chase lets you accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as contactless payments such as Apple Pay. Find out more.


Update to PayPal integration.

We've made updates to our PayPal integration to provide a smoother checkout experience, as well as support for PayPal’s latest card reader devices. Find out more.


Retrieve parked sales from the sell screen.

You can now retrieve a parked sale directly from the Sell Screen by clicking the icon in the top right corner. You will still be able to retrieve parked sales from Sales History. Find out more.

June 2018


Introducing Fast Access Funding by Worldpay triPOS.

Worldpay triPOS has released Fast Access Funding, which lets you access your funds in a matter of hours instead of days – even on weekends and public holidays. You can batch out anytime and receive funds in as little as an hour. You can also enable auto-batching (up to 5 times per day) to schedule payments at a time that best suits you, for example 11pm each day. Find out more.


Run tiered promotions using Advanced Promotions.

We’ve made it even easier for retailers to encourage spending in-store with Tiered Promotions. Stores can set up a range of offers that reward shoppers for buying more items, for example buying 1 shirt to save 10% or buying 2 shirts to save 20%. You can also incentivise by dollar amount, such as spending $100 to get a free book, or $250 to get 3 free books. Find out more.

May 2018


Vend POS app release: iOS version 2.7.3.

We've just released iOS version 2.7 of the Vend POS app, which includes: - Performance enhancements - Quick user switching for iPad


Ensure only roles with the right permissions can apply promotions in Vend.

If a user role (e.g. cashier) in Vend does not have permission to apply promotions at the Sell screen, it's possible to switch users during a sale to apply a promotion with a relevant user role (e.g. manager or admin).


Temporarily disable users so they can't log in to Vend.

If you have seasonal employees, or just want extra security over your store data, you can now disable users temporarily without deleting their account or login details. While a user is disabled, they're unable to sign in to Vend. Just enable them again so they can log in and start selling right away. Find out more.


Vend POS app release: iOS version 2.7 and improvements to Customer Facing Display.

We've just released iOS version 2.7 of the Vend POS app, which includes major behind-the-scenes changes to improve overall app performance and enhancements to our new promotions feature. We've added support for Afterpay in Australia and New Zealand, and improvements to our integration with iZettle. Our Customer Facing Display app has also been updated with some performance enhancements.


Improvements to Vend's web Sell screen.

We've made enhancements to the Sell screen on web. The updates provide more information about your sales, such as Promotions that have been applied to the sale. No existing workflows have been removed, and the changes only add functionality to the Sell screen. Find out more.


Afterpay integration now available in-store for Australian and New Zealand retailers.

Vend is the first POS to offer an Afterpay integration in-store! Afterpay is a new payment option in Vend that lets you offer convenient instalment plans in-store without risk. When shoppers purchase goods with Afterpay you receive full payment for the items the next day, while your customers pay in four fortnightly instalments. It’s interest-free and when paid on time, there are no extra costs for shoppers. Find out more.


More options for Spend & Save and Buy & Save Promotions.

Advanced and Multi-outlet retailers can now customize their Spend & Save and Buy & Save offers to give customers a discount off the entire sale or just off specific items, as well as reward them with extra loyalty points. Find out more.

April 2018


Ability to opt-in customers for marketing communications.

When adding a new customer in Vend, it's now possible to choose whether they're opted in to your marketing communications.

March 2018


Vend’s commitment to the GDPR.

Vend is committed to helping our retailers globally work better. As part of our growth and in support of upcoming changes to EU data protection law (also known as GDPR), we will be updating our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as introducing new tools and features that will assist our customers in their compliance efforts.


For customers in the EU, we will also be providing a Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”), governing the relationship between the customer (acting as a data controller) and Vend (acting as a data processor). The DPA facilitates Vend's customers’ compliance with their obligations under EU data protection law. Our DPA contains privacy commitments and confirms our compliance with the GDPR as and from May 25, 2018. It ensures that you can lawfully transfer personal data to Vend outside of the European Union by relying on Standard Contractual Clauses. We will be rolling out our new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including the DPA soon.

Find out more about the GDPR.

February 2018


Worldpay's triPOS solution available for Vend retailers in the USA.

The future of payments is here with Worldpay's new integrated triPOS solution. Whether you're using Vend on iPad, Mac or PC you can easily accept any payment type with peace of mind, knowing triPOS ensures the highest safety and security standards are met during transactions. Worldpay's triPOS also links to FirstData and Chase. Find out more.


Transforming how you manage products.

You can now edit products and their variants from one view, as well as make duplicates of existing products. This will allow you to make changes to multiple items quickly and easily, rely less on CSV uploads, and reduce the chance of errors! Find out how.

January 2018


Customer balances now display on the payment screen.

After a payment for a purchase has been received, the payment screen will display the customer's balances including their On Account, Store Credit and Loyalty dollars — so it's even easier for shop staff to engage with customers.


Improvement to viewing customer groups.

When looking at the Customer Groups page, it's now possible to view and compare the number of customers within each customer group. Easy peasy!


Enhancements to our new Promotions feature.

We're continuing to improve our new Promotions feature. Our latest updates include:

  • Search functionality to look up products within a Promotion
  • The ability to quickly duplicate an existing Promotion
Find out more about Promotions in Vend.


More advanced tools for our Promotions feature.

Retailers on Advanced and Multi-Outlet (or the latest Pro and Enterprise) plans now have access to more advanced promotional tools, including:

  • Spend and Save: Shoppers spend a certain amount to receive a discount on their entire purchase
  • ...more
  • Buy and Save: Customers can buy selected products, or a certain number of products, to receive a discount on their full purchase
  • Spend and Get: Shoppers spend a certain amount to get a free item with their purchase, or a dollar or percentage discount off an additional item
  • Buy and Get: Customers can buy a certain product to get a free item with their purchase (i.e. Buy one get one free) or a dollar or percentage discount off an additional item
  • Fixed Price Offer: Retailers can sell a selected group of items at a fixed price. For example, 5 T-shirts at $100 when they normally retail for $30 each
  • Find out more about Advanced Promotions.

December 2017


Promotions, Vend's new discounting tool.

Boost revenue with Promotions, Vend’s easy-to-use discounting tool. Entice new customers or reward longstanding ones. Set up promotions by time or date range, target specific customers and outlets, and run individual or blanket product offers. Save time with promotion rules that automatically update to include new products, customers and outlets as they’re added in Vend. Basic promotion tools are available with all plans. Advanced promotion tools are available with Advanced and Multi-Outlet (or the latest Pro and Enterprise) plans. Find out more.

November 2017


Vend’s first step into AI.

Vend is taking its first step into AI with Dott. Dott is just that — a friendly dot (neither male nor female) — aiming to help retailers make better decisions about their stores and what to do next to grow. Dott will give retailers personalized suggestions based on data from their store and thousands of other Vend retailers. Learn more about our plans to unlock the benefits of AI for retailers.


Register closure reminder on the Sell screen.

In order to improve reporting and avoid problems with account reconciliation, retailers who haven’t closed their register in over 24 hours will receive a friendly register closure reminder on the Sell screen. The reminder will not disrupt open sales, and it’s possible to easily dismiss the reminder by clicking ‘Start Selling Anyway’.


Vend POS app release: iOS version 2.6.

We’ve released iOS version 2.6 of the Vend POS app, which includes:

  • Performance enhancements for increased speed at checkout
  • Fixed connectivity issues with Star printers
Please ensure to update to the latest iOS version of Vend POS to get the latest performance and stability improvements!

October 2017


CommBank payments integration available to retailers in Australia.

Australian retailers using CommBank’s Albert will now be able to connect directly with Vend - on iPad, Mac or PC - for a best-in-class POS and payments solution. Offer faster, more secure transactions, and create a memorable customer experience with every purchase. Find out more.


Square payments integration available to retailers in Canada.

Retailers in Canada can now also use Square payments to accept any way customers wish to pay in-store, and give shoppers a seamless checkout experience they'll love. The integration is already available to retailers in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan. Find out more.


Minor changes to Vend's web Sell screen.

We’ve made some minor changes to receipts and the look of Vend’s Sell screen:

  • Sell screen adjustments: products with lengthy names will now wrap nicely in a line item at the point of sale, instead of being truncated with “...”. We’ve also enlarged some fonts to make the sales process clearer at checkout.
  • ...more
  • Receipt changes: printed receipts have had minor font changes for added clarity. We’ve also enlarged and improved the look of email receipts!
  • Customer groups: when adding a customer to a sale in Vend, the customer will now be labelled with the Customer Group they belong to.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.14.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.14 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Vend Register now supports iOS 11.
  • Faster loading and sync times on older iPads

September 2017


Home Dashboard refresh.

We've updated the Home Dashboard in Vend with a fresh new look. Plus, we've added:

  • Retail Metrics: view your Retail Dashboard metrics right from the Home Dashboard, and customize which graphs appear.
  • ...more
  • Top Sales People: if you have Advanced Reporting, you now have access to a graph of your top sales people on your Home Dashboard.
  • Top Products Sold: this graph has been updated with a fresh new look, with the added ability to view top products sold by revenue, in addition to quantity sold.
  • Please note: The Home Dashboard aligns with the role permissions you’ve set in Vend. Your staff will only be allowed to see metrics you currently allow them to view in Vend.

August 2017


Perform inventory counts in Vend with iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Introducing Scanner by Vend — our free barcode scanning app that makes inventory counts a breeze! The app — previously known as Counter — integrates seamlessly with Vend, letting you perform on-the-go counts using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. No additional hardware required. ...more

Counts, product details and stock levels directly sync between Scanner and Vend POS, helping you save time and reduce human errors when performing inventory counts. Find out more.


New Tax Report.

Simplify your tax reporting and easily view:

  • A breakdown of tax collected from sales
  • Sales revenue attributed to different tax codes, and
  • Any sales revenue that’s tax exempt

Please note: Tax Report figures will be recorded from September 1st 2017 onwards.

You still need to define the correct tax rates for your products in Vend. Our Tax Report is based on the tax rates set up by your store. Find out more.


Yoco payments integration available to retailers in South Africa.

Vend retailers in South Africa can now use Yoco to accept payments on iPad. Yoco connects with Vend Register App to accept chip, swipe and - soon - contactless payments, letting customers choose how they want to pay.

Whether you’re a growing or advanced retailer, Yoco is designed to suit your business needs, with no lock-in contracts or monthly rental fees. Find out more.


Paymentsense integration available to retailers in the UK and Ireland.

Vend retailers in the UK and Ireland can now use Paymentsense to accept payments on iPad, Mac or PC. Vend and Paymentsense work together to accept payments quickly and easily, and provide customers with a great checkout experience. Find out more.


Changes to Vend’s Sell screen on Mac or PC.

Based on feedback from retailers like you, we’ve made changes to Vend’s Sell screen search bar for Mac and PC, to make selling with Vend even faster. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Product search and customer search are now split into two separate search bars
  • ...more
  • The location of the product search bar remains unchanged with the customer search bar on the right of the Sell screen above Sales Totals
  • It’s now possible to search for variants in the product search bar
  • Product search results display 30 products instead of 10
  • Find out more about Vend’s Sell screen for Mac or PC.

July 2017


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.11.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.11 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Choice to receive alerts when an in-progress sale will result in negative stock
  • Ability to print a customer’s address on receipts


Square payments integration available to UK customers.

Our partnership with Square has extended to the UK. Now, retailers across the UK, USA and Australia can use Square payments to accept any way customers wish to pay in-store, and give shoppers a seamless checkout experience they’ll love. Enjoy a fixed rate regardless of transaction type, and see the money in your bank account within two business days. Find out more.


Issue store credit manually without a sales return.

Reward customers and staff on-the-spot by gifting store credit manually — no sales return required! Please note: if you’re using Xero, you’ll need to set the correct mappings before issuing manual store credit in-store. Find out more.


Alerts for sales that will result in negative stock.

You can now turn on alerts for in-progress sales that will result in negative stock levels. When enabled, a dismissable warning will appear if an out-of-stock item is added to a sale. Find out more.


Historical Inventory Reporting.

To help buying decisions, and ensure data is always at hand when needed, we’ve updated our inventory reports to allow you to look back at stock levels and values from April 1, 2017 onwards. Have your stock information backed up for scenarios like missed inventory count deadlines, or claiming insurance for a robbery. Please note: we recommend saving any records before April 1, 2017 just in case they’re needed. ...more

Retailers using integrations or third party add-ons that sync with Vend inventory do not currently have access to Historical Inventory Reporting. We will send an additional update when this becomes available.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.10.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.10 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Allowance for partial payments via Loyalty.
  • ...more
  • App extension support for 3rd party apps like ThirdShelf & Collect.
  • A bug fix where Quick Key folders would close unexpectedly.
  • A bug fix where incorrect prices would appear on parked, on-account or returned sales.
  • A bug fix where Store Credit was appearing incorrectly on receipts.
  • A bug fix that caused duplicate receipt numbers.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.8.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.8 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Changes to adding and editing a customer — you can now enter and view additional customer details including physical address, date of birth, and your own customized fields.
  • ...more
  • A fixed bug where some Pricebook rules weren’t being applied if an item was scanned into the Vend Register app.
  • An update to Socket Mobile’s latest SDK, to resolve crashing issues that happened in certain instances.

May 2017


Verify your email address to get help faster.

Get identified faster and given priority when you contact our Support team by verifiying your email address. It's easy! Simply head to your user account details, and click Send Verification Email. We'll email you the verification link. Then you just need to open the email and click the link! Find out more.


Fix to consignments in Stock Control.

It’s now possible to filter consignments by sent or received status using the datepicker on the Stock Control page.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.7.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.7 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • A fixed PayPal issue around invoice number duplicates.
  • ...more
  • A fixed issue where in some cases mPop scanners weren’t working.


Simplified searches on the Customers page.

To make searching for customers easier, we’ve enhanced search functionality on the Customers page, as well as added location filters and a datepicker. You can now also view all customer details (including Store Credit balances) from one place. Find out more about customers and loyalty in Vend.


Simplified bulk product uploads.

You no longer need the SKU or handle when uploading products using a CSV file. And, if you import a CSV with unrecognised column names, Vend will try to match these with expected ones. If essential information is still missing, you can download your CSV file with updated headings and re-upload it when fixed. Find out more.


Update to how you view product details.

We've made some changes to how you view product information. The 'Product History' section only shows changes made to product details, like edits to the name or price. All inventory movements can now be found in the Inventory Movements View. See movements for each individual product as well as its variants, and easily identify potential reasons for discrepancies with our new, easy-to-interpret view. Find out more.


Sales syncing error notification.

A red notification will now appear in the menu bar if there are any errored sales, as well as the option to sync any offline sales, if required.

April 2017


Verifone payment integration now available for New Zealand retailers.

If you’re using Verifone as your payment provider you can now integrate Verifone with Vend. Here’s how to set it up.


Smartpay payments integration now on Mac and PC for New Zealand retailers.

If you’re using a Mac or PC device, you can now integrate Smartpay with Vend so sales totals flow directly from Vend to your card reader. This will remove the need for double entry and manual end-of-day reconciliation, and reduce the risk of human error.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.6.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.6 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • No longer allowing returns for sales with gift cards.
  • ...more
  • Fixed receipt issues around footer image dimensions, and All Receipts QR codes.
  • Only displaying Star Printers that are compatible with the Vend Register app.
  • Disabling the ability to undo the previous payment by default.
  • Displaying product variant information in Sales History.


Faster searches on the Sell screen.

To make selling with Vend even better, we’re making some under-the-hood changes so searching and selling on the Sell screen is speedier. These changes will affect how you’re able to operate in Offline Mode. You’ll no longer be able to search for products or customers by name when offline. You can still detect products with a barcode scanner, by typing in SKUs or Customer IDs, or by using Quick Keys. Find out more.


Fix to On-Account Sales posting to Xero.

We fixed a bug with On-Account Sales not posting to Xero, which occurred when the cash amount was not exactly the same as the sale amount.


Fix to product CSV imports.

Previously, all product CSV imports were shown to be made by the primary admin. Now product CSV imports will be assigned to the correct user when viewing Product History. Watch our video playlist on using CSVs in Vend.


We’ve revamped our Shopify integration.

Firstly, we’ve just released multi-outlet inventory in Shopify, allowing you to easily combine and sync inventory from multiple physical outlets and warehouses to sell on your Shopify store. And, we’ve made a bunch of experiential updates so selling with Vend + Shopify is even better. Find out more.

March 2017


Update to customer CSV imports.

When creating new customers by CSV file, an empty ’customer_code’ column is no longer required.


Update to loyalty in product CSV exports.

Product CSVs now include the default loyalty earned for each product, where before loyalty was only showen if it was a customized value.


Enhancement to Stock Control.

The user that created a stock order, transfer, or return, is now displayed under "Created by". Find out more about stock orders and returns in Vend or watch our Stock Control video playlist.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.4.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.4 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Smaller barcode printing to reduce the amount of space used on receipts.
  • ...more
  • Added support for the Epson TM-T20 printer.
  • A fixed linking issue with the Star TSP650II Bluetooth printer.


Customer contact details now included in customer sales reports.

It’s now possible to include customer group, email and phone details when running a customer sales report! Reports can be segmented based on products and sales to target particular customers, which can be extracted from Vend to use in your marketing campaigns.


Bug fix that occurred while editing products.

We fixed a bug that in some instances caused loss of data while editing products.


Bug fix: Advanced User Permissions.

Roles that were not given permission to ’Edit sales via the sales ledger’ also had their permission for ’Apply a refund’ taken away. This bug has now been fixed, so users can still apply refunds without editing sales in the Sales Ledger. Find out more about Advanced User Permissions.


Improved line item visibility on the Sell screen.

Previously, locked line items were greyed out and difficult to view. We’ve improved locked line item visibility when making a sale, so you can easily identify products.

February 2017


Supplier codes now included in search bar on Products page.

It’s now possible to search products by supplier code in the search bar when on the Products page.


Bug fix for Inventory Count updates to stock.

In some instances, inventory updates for a completed Inventory Count would stall, or not take effect - this is now resolved.


Bug fix that was causing lost sales data.

For some retailers, an error was occurring where sales data would be lost when the same product was added and removed from a sale. This has now been fixed.


View Store Credit balance when exporting customer data.

When you export customer data as a CSV, their Store Credit balances will now be displayed.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.3.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.3 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • A bug fix to switching users in-app


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.2.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.2 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Changes to adding and editing a customer — you can now enter and view additional customer details including physical address, date of birth, and your own customized fields.
  • ...more
  • A fixed bug where SumUp payments would crash when a sale was put On Account.
  • A fixed issue that caused Vend to crash in some instances while printing.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.1.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5.1 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • A fixed bug that occurred when using Epson printer drawers.
  • ...more
  • A fixed bug that was preventing some registers from being closed.
  • iZettle’s SDK was updated to the latest version (please update your Vend Register app if you’re unable to trade using iZettle).
  • A fixed bug where Square payments was showing all payment types instead of just card payments.
  • Some bug fixes that were occurring while printing receipts from Vend.


Search for users faster.

With our new user search bar, users can now be found even faster on the User screen. Plus we’ve added a user switching window to the new Sell screen.


Totals of all payments now in register closures.

The sum of all payments are now visible as totals at the bottom of the register closure screen. If you have cash management enabled, it will also be included within this view.


Switch outlets or registers with ease.

Instead of resetting your data, you can now switch an outlet or register in one simple, speedy click from the navigation bar. Find out more.

January 2017


Updates to the Xero integration.

Invoice dates are now recorded in Xero when a supplier order is fully received, rather than the date when the order was created. Find out more.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.5.

We’ve released iOS version 2.5. of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Changes to adding and editing a customer, you can now enter and view additional customer details including physical address, date of birth, and your own customized fields.
  • ...more
  • Support for over 10 Star printers, including their latest bluetooth and wireless printers.
  • Support for Star Cloud Services. Get the most our of your Star printer by utilizing services like digital receipts, customer engagement, and more.
  • Gift card expiry display: if you have gift card expiry enabled for your gift cards, card expiry dates will now appear in-app.
  • Support for Star Cloud Services. Get the most our of your Star printer by utilizing services like digital receipts, customer engagement, and more.
  • Bug fixes! We've swatted away a ton of bugs too, to make selling with Vend even smoother.


SKU visibility in product searches on new Sell screen.

Retailers using the new Sell screen will now be able to view SKUs while searching for products, to align with product searches on the old Sell screen. Find out more about the new Sell screen.


Pay off a customer’s balance with Store Credit.

You can now pay off a customer's balance using Store Credit. Simply select Store Credit as the payment type when a balance is being paid.


Stock received now defaults to zero.

When receiving stock, the default number next to a product is zero to incentivize best practice — counting the stock that's been received! It's still possible to 'Mark All Received' where this is not necessary. Find out more.


Add a product variant as a Quick Key.

Before, it was only possible to select product variants from a pop-up window (after selecting the primary product) on the new Sell screen. Now you can add a product variant as a Quick Key for speedy selection of popular product variants!


Shopify product publishing fix.

When a product was unpublished then republished in Vend, duplicate products were created in Shopify. That doesn’t happen anymore. You’re safe from the army of duplicates.

December 2016


Bug fixes and refreshes.

We fixed a bug around updating past sales, including treatment of Store Credit and Gift Cards. We’ve preserved sales data for obsolete payment types. We now have better support for non-dollar sign currencies on-screen. And, the Customer Groups screen has had a visual refresh.


Click & Collect available for Vend Ecommerce.

With Click & Collect, you can let customers buy items online and pick them up in-store at their own convenience — find out why it’s important to have in your store. See the Help Center article or watch our video to get set up with Click & Collect.


Improvements to Shopify and Vend Ecommerce.

There’s been some improvements to our Shopify integration: we’ve improved the syncing of inactive products and the ascribing of sales to anonymous Shopify customers. We also made improvements to Vend Ecommerce confirmation emails.

November 2016


Fix for PayPal refunds in iOS.

There’s been a fix to PayPal Here refunds in iOS.


Improvements to Shopify and Vend Ecommerce.

Changes to product tags in Vend now sync through to Vend Ecommerce. And, we resolved a Shopify product sync issue that occurred when product prices were set to 3 decimal places.


Improvements to Sell screen speed.

We made some usability improvements to make selling with Vend speedier. In other words: the Sell screen is even faster now. Huzzah!

October 2016


Square payments integration available to USA customers.

Vend and Square are now working together in the USA, to bring retailers flexible, world-class payments. The integration will allow you to sell more of your profitable products, easily manage multiple stores and channels, and accept every way your customers want to pay. Find out more and see how to set up the integration.


Updates to Advanced User Permissions.

Since we released Advanced User Permissions, you asked, and we listened! We’ve added two new customizable permissions for user roles, so you can beef up security even more in-store.

  • 'Create or edit a product' — you can now decide if cashiers or managers are able to add or edit a product in Vend.
  • 'Export customer list' — it’s now possible to prevent managers from exporting a customer list as a CSV file.


New Store Credit report.

You can now access Store Credit reports to see the amount of Store Credit issued, redeemed, and outstanding for overall sales and individual customers. Find out more.


It’s possible to add a Gift Card expiry date.

If your store expires Gift Cards, it’s now possible to add an expiry date in Vend so outdated Gift Cards don’t slip in under the radar — with Gift Card expiry dates posting through to Xero. Find out more.


Gift Card improvements.

We’ve improved Gift Card Reporting, so you can now click through to sales linked to gift card purchases or redemptions. And when a gift card is scanned in the Sell screen, it’s now possible to see a historical list of the gift card’s transactions. Find out more.


Better insights for Vend Ecommerce.

Google Analytics codes in Vend Ecommerce now track through to the Thank You webpage, so you can get even better insights into conversion rates with Google Adwords spending. Find out more.


Keyboard shortcuts available in new Sell screen.

The new Sell screen now supports keyboard shortcuts, to make selling even faster.

  • F4 — Transition from sale to the payment screen.
  • ...more
  • F5 — Park the current sale.
  • F6 — Navigate to Sales History.
  • F7 — Navigate to Open/Close Register.

September 2016


It’s now possible to issue gift receipts.

If a shopper is purchasing a gift for someone else, you can now issue them a gift receipt so it can be returned. A gift receipt excludes any payment or loyalty information. Find out more.


Get more control over what employees see and do in Vend.

You now have even more control over what your employees can see and do in Vend with Advanced User Permissions. Customize user roles to align with your store processes, keep your most sensitive information hidden and secure, and set up new users fast. See how you can increase security in your store, and set up Advanced User Permissions in Vend.


Make partial payments with Store Credit and Loyalty.

It’s now possible to make partial payments on purchases using Store Credit or Loyalty. Just select Store Credit or Loyalty as the payment type, then continue making the sale with an alternative payment type.


Email receipts for parked sales.

It’s now possible to email receipts for parked sales via Sales History. Find out more.


It’s now possible to dismiss Layby or On Account sales on the Sell screen.

Previously, it was only possible to exit an open Layby or On Account sale on the Sell screen by resetting your data, or continuing with payment on the sale. Now you can dismiss the sale when you need to.


Payment Express integration now available for UK customers.

A Payment Express integration is now available for Vend customers in the UK and Ireland. Payment Express links Vend with all major UK banks, allowing you to accept payments without switching banks or changing your existing processing rates. ...more Payment Express also works with leading global payment processor First Data Merchant Services, where Vend customers can benefit from preferential rates. Whether you’re using Vend on iPad or on a Mac or PC, Payment Express lets you accept payments in a variety of ways on a wide range of new generation Ingenico terminals, no matter if your shoppers want to swipe, tap, use a chip card or even pay with mobile wallets like Apple Pay. If you’re using Vend Ecommerce, you’ll also be able to accept payments via Payment Express. Payment Express is at the forefront of payment security and compliance, ensuring your business is secure from breaches at all times.

August 2016


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.2.4.

We’ve released iOS version 2.2.4 of the Vend Register app, which includes improvements to user access, bug fixes and some performance fine-tuning:

  • Fixes to Loyalty on iPad.
  • ...more
  • A resolved issue with Payment Express transactions.
  • Fixes to Tyro integration where refunds weren’t printing.
  • Support for the new iZettle card reader.


Fix to receipt logos.

Logos were not printing on receipts when the new Sell screen was used for the first time. This is fixed now, so you can print receipts with peace of mind (and logos).


View a customer’s sales history from the Customer screen.

It’s now possible to dig into what each individual customer is buying! Simply select the customer you’d like to know more about, and click 'View sales history'. A list of their sales will appear in your Sales History. Find out more.

July 2016


Issue Store Credit instead of a refund.

Customer change their mind? Now, you’ll be able to offer Store Credit instead of a cash refund when an item is returned. Keep your shoppers coming back and don’t lose out on a sale! If you’re using Xero you’ll need to map your accounts before you enable Store Credit. Find out more.


Support for multiple timezones.

We’ve just added support for multiple timezones on the Multi-Outlet plan. Find out more.


Set cash rounding rules based on your country’s currency.

Cash rounding is here! You can now pick different rounding denominations and rules depending on your country’s currency. Round your cash payments without workarounds or tedious reconciliations. If you’re using Xero you’ll need to map your accounts before you enable cash rounding. Find out more.


Ability to void Gift Cards.

It’s now possible to void Gift Cards when you need to do so. Just void the sale the Gift Card was issued in. See how.

April 2016


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.1.1.

We’ve released iOS version 2.1.1 of the Vend Register app, which includes improvements to user access, bug fixes and some performance fine-tuning:

  • Users in Vend can now be restricted to a chosen outlet or outlets.
  • ...more
  • You can define the behaviour of your Quick Key folders. Before, folders would always close after a product was selected, but now you can choose whether they stay open or close.
  • Loyalty balances are now updated to reflect the current sale in receipts.
  • If you have a large number of open on-account sales, we’ve improved in-app performance and addressed issues where the app would freeze because of this.
  • For those of you with Worldpay terminals, the payment information will now be included in the Vend sales receipts.
  • And lastly if you’re using PayPal, we’ve fixed a bug where processing manual payments would cause delays and freezing.


Customer CSV import validation.

Just like with product CSVs, we’ve now got import validation for customer CSVs too. Any upload errors will be singled out and you’ll be notified immediately, so uploading bulk customer details will be a whole lot faster and easier! Find out more.


Update to stock ordering email template.

We’re improved the email template that goes to suppliers when ordering stock. The clutter is cleared, and emails are now more consistent with your receipts. Find out more.

March 2016


Improvements to Stock Control.

We’re rolling out some improvements to our Stock Control page. Value totals are now added to each individual stock order, transfer or return as well as overall page value totals. And you’ll now be able to quickly answer crucial inventory, accounting, and supply chain management questions at a glance, such as:

    • What is the total value of all my stock on order from a given supplier?
    • What is the value of stock in transfer between my outlets?
    • How much did I spend on stock between January and March 2015?


We’ve revamped our integration with Xero.

We’ve rolled out the latest of our upgrades to the Xero integration, enabling cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) to post from Vend into Xero. You can now select to automatically sync your COGS when you close your register and they’ll be recognized when the goods are sold. ...more This means the costs for a product and the revenue from its sale will be recognized in the same period, giving you real-time visibility into your true profit and business performance. It’s now easier than ever to monitor your overall profit or loss in Xero. See what’s new.

February 2016


Adding products is even speedier with Quick Variant Setup.

Setting up your product variants just got a whole lot easier! Forget setting up variants one-by-one. Now, adding new products with variants can all be done on one page in a few easy steps. Find out more.


Vend Register app release: iOS version 2.0.

We’ve released iOS version 2.0 of the Vend Register app. Customer and product search functions have been significantly improved, especially in cases where there is a high volume of products and customers. Vend now integrates with the Star Micronics mPOP all-in-one cash drawer and printer, and our interface now supports the large iPad Pro display. And you can now reprint a receipt without it being sent to a secondary printer.

January 2016


Ability to add sequential numbers to stock orders and returns.

You’re now able to add a sequential number to stock orders and returns. This means it will be easier to find invoices, and give you a better view over your supply chain. Find out more.


Improvements to adding products and product CSV imports.

We’ve made improvements to CSV imports, so uploads will no longer fail without a notification. To keep your inventory in good health we’ve removed the ability to add blank product types, suppliers, brands, and tags. Find out more.


Updates to the new Sell screen.

It’s now possible to enable and disable images on Quick Keys, as well as view a product name while editing Quick Keys. And it’s now possible to expand sales in your Sales History. Find out more.


Improvements to Vend Ecommerce.

You can now allow shoppers to provide special instructions for their order at checkout. We’ve also made it easier to add images to pages or a collection, added a phone number field to the checkout form, and made enhancements to the Order Summary page so you can now click directly through to sales or products. Find out more.

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