The average gross margin in retail is

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Vend’s 2019 Retail
Benchmarks Report

A closer look at the performance of independent retailers around the world.

When you’re running a retail business, it’s not always easy to determine how you’re doing compared to your peers. While reports and balance sheets can shed light on your company’s performance, these tools don’t provide insights on how you measure up with other businesses.

That's where Vend's Retail Benchmarks Report comes in. We analyzed the data of more than 13,000 stores across multiple industries and regions in the year ending 31 March 2019 and compiled the data in this nifty guide.

We've also created additional resources to supplement our findings. There's the retail benchmarks calculator, which lets you enter your store data to see how you compare with other stores in your vertical. And if you want tips and insights to improve your results, grab a copy of the full copy Retail Benchmarks PDF report – it's free!

Check out our findings below!

Revenue and Margins

On average, retailers made $28,094 per month, with North American Retailers generating the most revenue. The average gross margin in retail is 53.33%.

Transactions and sales

In the 2018 financial year, retailers processed an average of 651.5 transactions across all their stores. The average transaction value was $54.14 (USD) and the average basket size was 2.4.


Retailers had an average of 637 customers (that they know of) and cosmetics retailers seem to be truly adept at collecting customer data.

Final words

That’s a wrap on Vend’s Retail Benchmarks 2019! We hope you picked up tremendous insights and now have a better idea of where your business stands compared with retailers in your industry and region.

No matter what your results are, remember that there’s always something you can do to improve. So, take another look at the recommendations we made in the full report and put them to work in your biz!

Retail Benchmarks Report 2018

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