Celebrating & supporting small businesses

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we're offering a great deal on a retail solution
to simplify your business and make this an extremely successful holiday season.

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Free Vend till 31.12.2012

There's an app for that.

Simple apps like Vend, Shopify and Xero make it incredibly easy to get going, just by logging in.

Unlike traditional retail systems, these apps connect together, coordinating both your offline and online sales, customer details and inventory items.

Taylor Stitch, custom tailored shirts.

Your online store, plus it handles shipping.

OFFER: Free until Dec 31, 2012

Your POS for in-store sales & inventory.

OFFER: Free until Dec 31, 2012

Organizes all your sales, bills & banking.

OFFER: Free until Dec 31, 2012

The best retail system - ever.

You won't find a better retail system. This solution is remarkably easy to set up, it costs a fraction of traditional retail systems and it automatically keeps everything up-to-date.

And that's a dream come true.

“Vend, Shopify & Xero all speak so well to one another, you can essentially build everything in one and fire all the information to the other. That was huge for us, and it's just made our lives so much easier.”

Michael Maher, Co-owner Taylor Stitch.