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Payment solutions are easy with Vend & Smartpay

Cash is becoming a thing of the past, accept card payments in any form with the Vend Register iPad app and Smartpay, New Zealand’s market leader in payment solutions.

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A seamless payment integration that helps you work smarter

Payment terminal sync

Simple setup in minutes.

Smartpay has made it super simple to integrate payments with Vend in just minutes. Whether you’re running Vend on Mac, PC, or iPad, this clever cloud integration seamlessly connects your POS with your card terminal.

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Payment options

Keep your money coming through multiple payment methods.

With Smartpay and Vend, you can accept chip, magstripe or contactless payments like Apple Pay. Better yet, next-day funding options mean you can get paid quickly so you can continue to run your business.

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Payment sync

Streamline your payment process & move your line faster.

Smartpay’s integration means your EFTPOS terminal is completely synced with your POS. No more errors or time wasted from double entry and with a contactless-enabled terminal, your customers can pay in an instant.

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Payment security

Never worry about security with the latest payment software.

The team at Smartpay is committed to keeping you safe from fraudulent transactions. Stay protected with automatic updates on your EFTPOS machine with the latest secure software.

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2. Sign up for Smartpay

Talk to our rep at Smartpay and get setup with your terminal.

3. Add Smartpay in Vend

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Frequently asked questions about Smartpay and Vend

The Vend-Smartpay integration means your EFTPOS terminal is completely synced with your Vend POS. You can say goodbye to errors and wasted time from double entry. With a contactless-enabled terminal, your customers can pay in an instant, too!

The process for setting up integrated payments depends on your device and region. To learn more, visit our detailed guide on setting up integrated payments in Vend.

Once integrated, you have the choice of pairing the following terminals:

Smartpay S800, S900, S920
Smartpay S80, S90, D210
Smartpay AU D210e
CommBank Albert

The pairing process is quick and easy with terminal specific pairing instructions built into Vend. For a step-by-step pairing guide, click here.

You’ll first need to set up the terminal, connect it to your WiFi network, then connect it to your Vend for Mac or PC, or Vend on iPad app.

There’s a few steps to follow for this, these can be found here.

Yes! This gives you the freedom to send payments to a terminal from multiple devices, removing the need to use a specific device for a specific terminal.

If more than one device tries to take payment at the same time, the terminal will queue the requests.

Vend’s Smartpay integration is available on all Vend plans!

Click here for plan information and pricing.

You can use Vend with Smartpay on your Mac or PC and iPad (Vend Register app)

You can find a list of recommended hardware and computer specs here.

We’d be happy to help! Register your interest in Vend POS + Smartpay or book a callback and an expert will be in touch shortly.