Intuitive inventory management software
for retail stores

Powerful inventory management that simplifies purchase orders,
transfers and stock-takes.

Vend inventory management software system for retailers.

Lift your inventory turnover rate.

Use automated reordering based on specified stock levels, and adjust reorder points and restock levels to make sure you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves.

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Stock levels in Vend's inventory management software system.

Stay informed.

At your fingertips are stock-on-hand, low stock and popular product reports to inform your decisions.

Stay on top of your inventory counts.

Take the pain out of one of retail's biggest jobs and easily see what you hold and what it's worth. Quickly complete full or partial counts, schedule them in advance, perform multiple counts at the same time, and download handy reports to help you optimize your stock levels.

Inventory counting in Vend's inventory management software system.
Multi-location stock control in Vend's inventory management software system.

Multiple stock locations.

If you manage multiple stores, Vend has you covered with full support for multi-location stock control. Cashiers can check product levels at other stores from the point of sale. Managers can order items from other locations, which automatically adjusts inventory at both locations.

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