Vend made it easy for Nic Harry to get set up, train staff and sell

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Nic Harry is a specialist sock and apparel retailer, which sells locally produced products in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and conscious way.

Three brick and mortar locations and an online store.

At a Glance

System set up quickly and easily.

With Vend, Nic Harry has been able to:

  • Create a stylish shopping experience.
  • Capture customer details at checkout.
  • View important store info from anywhere.
  • Sell around the store with Vend on iPad.

The Challenge

When starting his sock specialty store, owner Nic Haralambous wanted a stylish POS solution that would be easy for him to set up and begin selling straight away.

Nic Harry was born out of owner Nic Haralambous’ love of socks. “I’d been wearing a competitor’s brand and I wanted to see if I could make my own socks in South Africa for an affordable price and out of sustainable products,” he explains. “I made some samples and put them online. After ten days, 600 pairs had been sold and there you go, we had a business.”

When setting up Nic Harry as a brick and mortar store, Nic was on the lookout for a point of sale system that was easy to implement and would fit in with their stylish setup. “I didn’t want a bulky cash register with a big computer or something ugly,” says Nic. “We were looking for a system that was really simple to use and did what it said it would.”

“We wanted something that would work on an iPad and be really simple, clean and slick for customers.”
Nic Haralambous, owner

The Solution

Vend was the perfect solution for a retailer that wanted a system that was simple to use and provided the tools they needed to run their business.

After researching online, Nic discovered Vend offered what they wanted from a POS solution. “Coming across Vend, it was affordable for us, and we could execute it really quickly,” says Nic.

Setting up a POS system can be a painful process, but Nic found it easy to get Vend up and running. “It didn’t really present me with many challenges,” says Nic. “The backend is really self-explanatory and easy to learn.” It was also easy to train incoming staff and for them to quickly become comfortable with the system.

“Vend was incredibly easy to set up. It didn’t take me more than two or three days.”
Nic Haralambous, owner

Nic Harry brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

With three brick and mortar locations, Vend helps Nic Harry create a consistent customer experience and keep track of how every location is performing.

By running Vend on iPad, staff are now able to sell around the store. Vend also makes it easy to capture emails both for customer retention and to email receipts as opposed to printing them, fitting with the eco-friendly ethos of the brand. “The checkout is definitely quick and smooth and provides a good experience for customers,” says Nic.

With Vend set up across three stores, Nic finds that Vend’s advanced reporting always keeps him in the know. “I’m always travelling, but I check Vend’s reports two or three times a day on my phone to make sure that my stores are keeping up to their targets,” explains Nic. “The data we’re getting is all very useful and we use it all the time.”

“The Vend dashboard is super useful and well-laid-out. I can see turnover for the day, the number of items sold, which items have been sold, and more. It gives me a really good overview of everything at a very quick glance.”
Nic Haralambous, owner

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