Third Eye Wear tripled their turnover with Vend

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Third Eye Wear offers a wide variety of fashionable, modern eyewear styles, for a price that won’t break the bank.

Sunglass retailer selling across two physical stores and online, with a big wholesale business.

At a Glance

3x increase in daily sales

With Vend, Third Eye Wear has been able to:

  • Easily order stock using reorder points.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Shopify and Xero.
  • View daily sales data from anywhere.
  • Manage inventory across multiple stores, a warehouse and online.

The Challenge

Third Eye Wear is a successful sunglasses retailer with a cult following on the street, at festivals and across social media. However, how they were managing their inventory was costing them time and money.

Jonathan Franco started as a part owner of Third Eye Wear, but soon purchased the whole business as he saw the amazing potential it had. What he didn’t like however, was the existing point of sale and inventory management system. “It would only give you a monthly total,” explains Jonathan. “You couldn’t say, ‘let’s see what happened on Saturday’. No one actually had a clue what was happening.”

Jonathan knew the business had an uphill battle ahead with their inventory, which was loosely managed. “There were no model names, there were no SKUs, there wasn’t anything like that,” says Jonathan.

“Our old system had no real inventory capabilities, it had no returns, nothing like that.”
Jonathan Franco, owner

The Solution

Third Eye Wear needed a solution that would be simple to implement and use, integrate with the apps they needed, and get their inventory on the right track.

Jonathan had used Vend in previous businesses, and knew right away that it would be the perfect solution for Third Eye Wear. “I knew what could be done from the point of sale and how easy it is to use,” says Jonathan. “Plus, Vend seamlessly integrates with Xero and Shopify, which were the two partners that I felt the business really needed.”

Implementing Vend had an immediate impact during their initial stocktake. “We were able to categorise products into their names and colours,” explains Jonathan. “It took a while to count everything, but Vend made it easy and the import was perfect. Then we just attached photos so it could integrate with Shopify.” Now, with all of their products organised in Vend, on-going stocktakes can be completed quickly and easily.

“I had experience with Vend before. I said, listen, this business is screaming for Vend.”
Jonathan Franco, owner

Third Eye Wear brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

Vend empowered Jonathan and the Third Eye Wear team to take control of inventory and easily track sales, leading to an incredible results - including the tripling of their daily sales!

Jonathan can now understand what products are selling and make sure Third Eye Wear always has their most popular items on hand. He uses Vend’s reorder points to automatically order more stock. “Reorders save a huge amount of time because you’re not going in there blind,” says Jonathan. “You’ve got a lot of insight from Vend of what’s been doing well in the store.”

Vend’s reporting has been key to Jonathan being able to find areas of improvement on a daily basis. “I can see exactly where there are gaps in the business, if something’s not the way it should be,” explains Jonathan. As Jonathan travels a lot, he loves the ability to view these sales figures from wherever he is. “I use that function daily, probably a hundred times a day!”

With the time saved on admin, the team can now put more effort into other areas of their business, including expanding their ecommerce store and online presence. They’ve also added a Vend register to their wholesale warehouse, which automatically syncs with their inventory management and Xero account.

Alongside how easy it’s become to manage the store, Jonathan has also noticed a huge impact on his bottom line. “Once we got the whole thing on track, our turnover increased to three times what it was per day than before,” he says.

“It’s happened. Getting the right technology has increased turnover by three-fold. It’s amazing.”
Jonathan Franco, owner


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