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What is omnichannel retailing?

It’s letting your customers shop across physical and digital channels, so they can seamlessly interact with you in-store, online, or on their mobile device.

Centralize all your sales channels and opt for a solution that lets you track and manage orders, products, and customers from one platform in real-time. Going omnichannel enables you to open up new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction, and boost loyalty.

Omnichannel retailing
Vend Omnichannel

Give your customers the freedom to shop any way they like.

Today’s consumers are not using just one channel, and neither should you.

Combine your brick-and-mortar store with ecommerce, social, and mobile, so you can be there for your customers no matter where or how they’re shopping.

Why do you need to be an omnichannel retailer?

Going omnichannel is a must if you want to stay competitive.

Omnichannel retailing unlocks massive potential for higher profits and loyalty. A study of 46,000 shoppers found that 73% have used multiple channels throughout their shopping journeys and those shoppers are more loyal and spend higher amounts in-store and online.


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80% of shoppers use digital means when shopping.

- Cisco


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46% of customers prefer to research online, but buy in the store.

- Forbes Insights


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45% of smartphone owners are making purchases using a mobile device every month.

- Deloitte

Top benefits of being an omnichannel retailer.

Going omnichannel can have a positive effect on virtually every component of your business.

Improve your bottom line

Going omnichannel makes it easier for consumers to buy from you, in turn boosting sales and repeat business.

Strengthen your brand

Engaging with shoppers on various channels helps you cultivate better relationships and improve branding.

Delight your customers

Shoppers love it when you give them the ability to buy whenever and however they want.

Widen your reach

Being present on multiple channels gets you in front of more people, increasing your fanbase and retail presence!

Streamline your operations

Integrating all your sales channels increases efficiency and you won’t have to worry about double entry or inventory inaccuracies.

Boost traffic

Having an online store can drive brick-and-mortar traffic (and vice versa). Go omnichannel and create more reasons for people to visit your stores.

See how Vend can help you become an omnichannel retailer.

Which omnichannel solution is right for you?

Select which best suits your current situation:

Vend ecommerce Vend ecommerce

I currently only sell in-store

You’re a brick and mortar retailer who’d like to start selling online. You want to grow into new channels to reach more customers — but you also want to limit your risk.

We Recommend: Vend POS + Vend Ecommerce

With built-in ecommerce, you can set up your web store and start selling online in minutes. There’s no need to be a web expert. With Vend, you can manage a single product catalogue and easily select the channels you want to sell through.

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Vend POS Vend POS

I currently only sell online

You’re an ecommerce retailer who’d like to open one or more brick and mortar locations or pop-ups. You want to offer your customers an in-person shopping experience and leverage your online brand.

We Recommend: Vend POS + Your Ecommerce

Integrate your existing online store with Vend. Choose the deepest multi-store POS integration to Shopify, or work with an ecommerce integrator to integrate other online systems including Magento, BigCommerce or WooCommerce.

Talk to us about our network of ecommerce integrators or learn more about Vend + Shopify.

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Vend POS + Shopify Vend POS + Shopify

I currently sell in-store & online.

You’re a retailer with a brick and mortar presence, and you also sell online in some capacity. You want to scale and sell more to maximize your profits, but you’re wasting time managing products and inventory in two separate (or poorly integrated) systems.

We Recommend: Vend POS + Shopify

Integrate the best of POS and Ecommerce to create a complete omnichannel solution. Seamlessly sync inventory between your channels and stores, and import products at the click of a button.

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Or see if Vend Ecommerce could be right for you.

“Using the new Vend Ecommerce, I can be a true omnichannel retailer. I can sell across my truck, store and online with the simple click of a button. Vend definitely helps me to do it all.”

Christina Ruiz, Topshelf Style,
San Francisco, USA

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