Start accepting EMV chip cards with Vend and PayPal.

Let your customers pay any way they like with Vend POS and PayPal for iPad.

EMV Chip Card. EMV Chip Card.

Chip Card

EMV Chip Card. EMV Chip Card.

Contactless & Apple Pay

EMV Chip Card. EMV Chip Card.

Traditional Swipe

Start accepting EMV chip cards with Vend and PayPal.

"Paypal Here card reader and the Vend POS system are helping us to grow our business. We've never been in a better position."

Jake Patterson and James Wright

Start accepting EMV chip cards with Vend and PayPal.

Unleash the power of mobile retail with Vend POS + PayPal.

iPad on the go

Sell in store and

Bring the checkout to your customers with Vend POS. Take your register anywhere; it’s easy to use and optimized for iPad.


Accept any form
of payment

Accept the latest payment technologies with PayPal, including contactless payments and Apple Pay. Now EMV-certified for secure chip card payments.

Seamless checkout sync

Make every checkout
experience seamless

Sales and returns flow from Vend to your card terminal, so there’s no more fumbling at checkout or manual reconciliation at the end of the day.


Manage and grow your
business from your iPad

Manage inventory, track bestselling products and top employees, and stock by location with robust reporting and inventory management.

EMV-certified payments

Stay safe, secure &

New EMV regulations could mean greater liability for your business. PayPal monitors for fraud 24/7 and is
EMV-certified to keep you protected.


Get set up quickly
and easily

Start selling right away with Vend’s easy setup. Vend users can link existing PayPal accounts in real-time, or have new accounts approved in minutes.

Accept card payments quickly and securely on the go and only pay a small fee per transaction.

1.5% or less

per transaction to as low as 1%

  • No monthly fees or lock-in contracts
  • Go contactless or accept Chip & PIN
  • Accept MasterCard, Visa and Maestro AMEX
  • Count your online Paypal transactions to get some volume discounts
Start accepting EMV chip cards with Vend and PayPal.

Register your interest today, and get exclusive PayPal rates on all transactions.