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The very best way to make sales today.

We recently re-imagined the sales process with the revolutionary new Vend Register iPad app. These innovations will now improve the way sales are made across all of Vend.

Vend Register

Streamline your checkout process.

Searching and adding products and customers to a sale is simple. A quicker checkout means you can make more sales in the same time.

Simplified sales

  • Easily add products to the sale
  • Search customers or product information in a flash
  • Quickly add new customers
  • Gain control over discounts with more flexible options
  • Sell and redeem gift cards simply

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Searching with Vend Register

Spend time with your customers, not your technology.

Clever new features like the payment confirmation screen and a greater visibility of notes and discounts mean it’s never been easier to get the most out of Vend with the minimum of mistakes.

Checkout with Vend Register

Follow best practice

  • Faster sales process
  • Add notes to your customers’ emailable receipts
  • Train staff in minutes
  • User-friendly, intuitive sales process

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Gain more control over every transaction.

Reduce errors, theft and discrepancies with Register’s new cash management feature. Track your staff’s performance more easily with flexible user options.

Increased accountability

  • Track your cash drawer from shift to shift
  • Monitor petty cash and safe drop transactions
  • Create and review register closure reports
  • Manage user permissions easily
  • Improved accountability with user switching

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Transactions on Vend Register

Rest easy with a reliable point of sale that just works.

Whether you’re on a Mac or PC, Register’s responsive sell screen will work beautifully and look great. Connect to the latest hardware for fast and easy sales that keep customers coming back for more.

Designed to delight

  • Responsive design
  • Modern interface
  • Works across Mac and PC
  • Works offline and online

Try Register now.

Register is responsive so it works on Mac and PC
Ingrid Starnes uses Vend

We are loving having a sell screen that is so beautifully designed and elegant to use.

Ingrid Starnes, Ingrid Starnes
Auckland, New Zealand

Frequently asked questions.

What’s Register?

Register is a complete redesign of Vend’s web-based sell screen. It’s fast, works on any screen size, and has a beautiful user-friendly interface that will look great in your store.

Are there any features from the old sell screen that are not in Register just yet?

We’re still working on quick keys for Register. Those will be available soon. If you need quick keys on your sell screen, you can use our Vend Register iPad app which has them or you can keep on using the old version of the sell screen. If you’re using Timely or Chronogolf add-ons, you’ll also want to continue to use the old sell screen for the moment. Those integrations will be available shortly in Register.

What are the differences between Register and the current web-based sell screen?

We’ve completely redesigned Register from the ground up. It has an updated, modern user interface that is more streamlined and intuitive to learn and use. Its design is now responsive which means that it can be operated from any screen size. We’ve also greatly improved speed and performance, so it’s faster and the product and customer search is better.

Is Register right for me?

If you’re a heavy user of quick keys, or if you need to use the Timely or Chronogolf add-ons, Register is not ready for you just yet. Stay tuned, the next version of Register is on its way.

How do I access Register?

To access Register, click on the app switcher in the top navigation bar (a block of squares to the left of your username) and select ‘Register’. To switch back to the previous version of the sell screen, select ‘Vend’ in the app switcher.

What will happen to the current sell screen?

The current sell screen will still be available in Vend for a little while, until all the features that we’re still working on for Register are added in. You’ll be able to use the old sell screen until that time.