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Vend Register is here.

The revolutionary new Vend iPad app.

It’s faster, more beautiful and more customizable than ever before.
All the features of the original Vend iPad app, including Loyalty,
laybys/layaways and on-account sales, and payment integrations.

Download Vend Register in the App Store now.
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Vend - Vend

What’s new in Vend Register?

It’s fast.

We reimagined the checkout process to save swipes, touches and keypad taps. Quicker sales mean more time making customers happy.

Streamlined sales.

  • Select the product
  • Hit pay
  • Choose payment type
  • Boom

Quickly access products.

Access your most popular products faster, and create an intuitive interface using our custom Quick Keys. You can now access folders from the sell screen that hold their own Quick Keys within.

Customizable Quick Keys.

  • Drag Quick Keys
  • Create a folder
  • Add an image
  • Assign a color

iPad optimized.

This app has been optimized in every way for the iPad experience. Intuitive, beautiful to use and a wonderful way to start conversations in-store.

Built for touch.

  • Tap product quantity
  • Swipe to delete
  • Swipe to sell screen
  • Quickly start over

Find what you need.

Quickly search from the sell screen for products and customers. You can now search by product name, customer name, customer phone number, email and more.

Improved search.

  • New global search
  • Filter for customers
  • Filter for products

Switch users with ease.

Track employee performance and increase accountablility. Easily switch users within a session. The choice is yours to require a password or to switch users between sales. Perfect for busy businesses.

Switch in seconds.

  • Select user profile
  • Switch user
  • Securely sign in
  • Ready for action

Retailers around the world are loving Vend Register.

Vend Whoopie

It’s brilliant! So easy to set up, so much faster, and when it comes to the all-important customer transaction, everything works like a dream.

Whoopie & Co

Vend Sitka

Vend is the most simple and intuitive POS app we’ve ever experienced. The integration to Xero means totally stress free business.


It’s easy to get started now.

How to get going.

As this is a new app you will need to set it up to your particular store. For new features like Quick Key folders on the sell screen, you will need to jump in to get those right for you.

Here are two resources that will help you get going.

Set-up Vend Register

Using Vend Register

Download the app here.

Head along to the App Store, download Vend Register, sign in with your Vend account — or set up a free trial — and have a play for yourself.

Do let us know what you think, your voice helps decide which features are added next.

Vend - Vend

What you need to know about Vend Register if you are already using Vend.

What’s the difference between the old Vend POS iPad app and the new Vend Register?

Vend Register uses the latest mobile technology to give retailers a fast and intuitive point of sale. Everything about our new iPad app is designed to make the checkout experience fast and easy for both you and your customers.

We will continue to support the old app, and you can use both at once.

If you are using the existing iPad app, don’t worry — we are continuing to support it for the time being, but we highly recommend you check out Vend Register.

Why can’t I find the Vend POS app with the green icon on the App Store?

We’ve retired the Vend POS for iPad app, meaning only retailers who had previously downloaded the app can still do so. If you already have the old iPad app, you’ll be able to keep using it, and re-download Vend POS if you need from the Previous Purchases section of the App Store.

We won’t be adding any new features to the old app. Instead, we’re focusing on continuously improving Vend Register with exciting features such as Customer Facing Display (coming soon) and more integrated payment options.

You can download Vend Register from the App Store.

Why are we retiring the old app?

Vend POS has been a revolutionary product for thousands of retailers. But mobile technology has seen exponential growth in the last few years, and with even further advances now available in iOS development, we wanted to make maximum use of the capabilities of an iPad by building Vend Register from the ground up.

Vend Register is a fresh platform on which we plan to continue building the best possible point of sale app. Paired with the suite of Vend features available, and the many things we have coming this year, we want to continue to deliver everything retailers need to power their business.

For some existing Vend POS users, certain payment integrations are not included in Vend Register.

We’ve worked with — and will continue to work with — some of the best payment providers in markets around the world to provide robust payment solutions for our retailers. Find out more about the available payment integrations available for Vend.

System Requirements

As this app is built to make the most of the iPad you will need iOS 8 or later and iPad 2 or newer.

Cool! Will we see some of this on the web version of Vend?

Yes! We’ve taken the best of what we’ve learnt from our Vend Register iPad app to inform the way we make sales across all of Vend. We’ve just recently launched Register, the beautifully fast web-based checkout experience. Learn more.