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7 steps to get the most value from your Vend experience.

Run the world’s best retail with Vend POS software. Our helpful resources will guide you there.

Your retail journey starts here.

Let’s begin. What’s your retail set-up?


  • Step 1
  • 20 mins

Start your free 30-day trial.

Welcome! Dive in and try some of our great features to see how Vend can revolutionize the way you run your business.

  • Input your details to get your trial account up and running
  • Try making a sale with the demo products already in your Vend store, or add in your own products using the getting started guide
  • Watch our 15 minute demo video and learn what Vend can do for your retail business


  • Step 2
  • 25 mins

Get your store set up.

Create a solid foundation to run your business successfully. The right store set-up is a key step to becoming a world-class retailer.

  • Configure outlets, registers and sales tax for the region(s) you sell in
  • Set up the types of payments your store accepts
  • Import your products through a CSV file or add them in manually
  • Set up Quick Keys for easy access to your most popular products
  • Connect your hardware and get it working for either iPad, Mac or PC


  • Step 3
  • 20 mins

Final preparations for going live.

Going live with a new POS system is a big day for your business. Complete your final preparations to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible on your first day.



  • Step 4
  • 5 mins

Go live and make your first sale.

Once you’re set up correctly, go live and start creating memorable customer experiences in-store, online or on-the-go.

  • Sell in-store with Vend on Mac or PC, online with your chosen ecommerce, and on-the-go with the Vend POS iPad app
  • Speed up your checkout with features like Quick Keys, powerful product and customer search, discounts and notes
  • Take your training to the next level with Vend U – world-class retail training available free to all Vend customers


  • Step 5
  • 10 mins

Track your business performance.

Take the guesswork out of retail. Get actionable insights into your business and use the right information to make quick, data-driven decisions.

  • Build and customize your sales reports to easily see how your stores are performing
  • Check on your business right from your pocket with the mobile-friendly Retail Dashboard (available with Pro and Enterprise plans)
  • Use up-to-date data to make smarter decisions for your business


  • Step 6
  • 15 mins

Take control of your business.

Easily manage your inventory, maximize your profits, and start expanding your retail empire with multi-channel retail management.

  • Gain visibility of your stock, manage your products, and maximize your profits with powerful inventory management
  • Build your customer database, grow repeat business, and increase shopper spend with a custom loyalty program
  • Extend the power of Vend by connecting to other best-in-class business add-ons like Xero for accounting, Deputy for staff scheduling, and more


  • Step 7
  • 10 mins

Scale your business with ease.

Congratulations! If you’re at this point of the journey, then you’ll have more time to focus on scaling your business and taking things to the next level.

  • Set up a new outlet with just a few clicks, add a warehouse, or go mobile with a pop-up store
  • Open up your business to the world by connecting Vend with your chosen ecommerce
  • Take advantage of our free eBooks, guides, blog posts, and videos on everything retail

That’s it!

From zero to running the world’s best retail in 7 easy steps with Vend.

Jump in and explore Vend with our free 30-day trial. If you need help along the way get in touch with our support team, or check out Vend U for our comprehensive training resources.

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