Top 50 Retail Influencers

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Vend’s Top 50 Retail Influencers for 2016.

Welcome to the third edition of Vend’s Top 50 Retail Influencers list. Back by popular demand, this year’s roundup consists of the industry’s top analysts, reporters, researchers, and professionals.

The definitive list of retail influencers worth following in 2016.


Sucharita Mulpuru

Analyst at Forrester Research with the retail beat.


Bob Phibbs

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor. Professional speaker on retail sales, training and marketing. Author, blogger, makeover specialist and Harrier hound lover.


Nicole Reyhle

Founder Retail Minded. Co-Founder Independent @RetailerConf. @Forbes Contributor.


Leslie Hand

IDC Retail Insights Research Vice President.


Paula Rosenblum

Technology-driven customer-centric retail is my passion.


Miya Knights

Twittering Head of Global Retail Technology Practice at Planet Retail & Publisher of Retail Technology magazine.


Krystina Gustafson

Content Editor CNBC. Tweeting about the latest retail news.


Doug Stephens

Speaker, author of The Retail Revival and advisor on the future of retail and consumerism. Syndicated columnist for CBC Radio. Co-host of The Future In Store.


Neil Saunders

Managing Director of Conlumino where we analyse all sorts of things to do with retail and consumers. Font fanatic and campaigner against Comic Sans.


Debbie Hauss

Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints.


Chris Petersen

#Retail & Measurement Consultant. Founder IMS Retail University. Owner IMS Results Count.


Tony C. D'Onofrio

Top 15 Retail Influencer / Top 25 Retail Website / Global Visionary Connector of Ideas & People for Profitable Business Growth / Views and content are my own.


Stacey Widlitz

Founder SW Retail Advisors, CNBC Analyst, polo player, int store hunter, perma jet-lag, voted Twitter top 50 retail influencer.


Francesca StaAna Nicasio

Writer, cheerleader for aspiring writers, wife, friend. Retail Expert and Content Strategist at Vend.


Bryan Gildenberg

Head of Research at Kantar Retail — a global retail research and consulting firm.


Nick Bubb

The legendary Retail Guru and author of The Daily Retailer. Also cricket lover, racing tipster, bookworm, gardener, weather expert and avid newspaper reader!


Natalie Berg

Retail analyst / commentator / author. Tweeting about future retail trends and changing shopping habits.


Keith Anderson

Forward-thinking insights on retailing and CPG in a digital world. VP, Strategy Profitero. Previously VP, Advisory Retailnetgroup.


Kasey Lobaugh

Deloitte's Omni-Channel Retail Practice Leader and Chief Retail Innovation Officer, Board Member


Anne D'Innocenzio

National Retail Writer for The Associated Press. Foodie & theater lover. Having fun with standup comedy. Manhattan.


Clare Rayner

Media Contributor, Speaker, Writer. Retail Expert, High Street Campaigner, Consumer Champion, Business Mentor. Entrepreneur, Investor, Non-Exec.


Deborah Weinswig

Retail Tech Guru; Top Wall Street Retail, Retail Tech, & Drugstore/PBM Analyst 17 yrs. Expertise: Emerging Retail Technolgies, Fashion, and Real Estate Trends.


George Anderson

Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher, RetailWire.


Jim Roddy

President, BSMinfo RetailMag. Author, Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer.


Barbara Thau

Business reporter specializing in retail and consumer trends.


Joe Skorupa

Editor in Chief and Retail Technology Blogger at RIS News on


Laura Heller

Journalist, blogger, retail geek and provider of industry intelligence Executive Editor,


Greg Buzek

Retail/Hospitality Technology Analyst, Orphan/Human Trafficking advocate.


Fiona Briggs

Retail business journalist with 20 years' experience, available for freelance editorial projects. Editor of the popular retail news portal Retail Times.


Andria Cheng

Senior reporter / writer / photographer / video talent. Alum of @WSJ, @MarketWatch, @Business. I care about stories that matter and stories that touch a heart.


Ian Jindal

eCommerce and Multichannel Retail. Consultant, publisher, speaker, trainer, NED.


Diane J. Brisebois

President/CEO of RCC. Passionate about retail & this great industry. Unapologetic about promoting merchants & their role in our economic wellbeing!


Shelley E. Kohan

Vice President of Retail Consulting at RetailNext.


Cathy Hotka

Knows most of the CIOs in retail. Assists technology companies in reaching key decision-makers.


Christopher Durham

Private Brand Strategy, Insights & News | Founder My Private Brand | VP of Retail Brands Theory House.


Jason Goldberg

SVP Commerce & Content Practice, Razorfish.


Mary Portas

Founder of Portas Agency, and Mary's Living & Giving charity shops, broadcaster, retail expert, author of Shop Girl & highstreet campaigner.


Bryan Eisenberg

Founder, CMO, Keynote speaker, best selling author. Dad of 3. Youth #baseball coach.


Matthew Shay

President and CEO at National Retail Federation.


Kevin Graff

Just the guy who's helped thousands of retailers sell more stuff through their staff. 25 years on stage and now online everywhere.


Alicia Fiorletta

Content Strategist for G3 Communications; Retail TouchPoints; Content4Demand; Demand Gen Report; music junkie and fashion/beauty lover.


Glynn Davis

Business Writer - chiefly covering the retail industry along with pubs and beer. Founder of and


Brian Kilcourse

Managing Partner at RSR Research & Senior Partner of BEK Consulting.


Melissa Gonzalez

Pop-up Retail Architect and author connecting the digital world w/ immersive brick-and-mortar. Founder of @lionesquegroup, advisor @FotoFwd #popupshop.


Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender

He's Kizer. She's Bender. Together, we're speakers, authors, consultants and all about retail. We teamed up in 1990. We're married... just not to each other!


Karen Webster

CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, CEO of, Innovation Advocate.


Erin Harris

Editor In Chief at Innovative Retail Technologies.


Jeff Roster

VP of Retail Strategy at IHL & blogger focused on understanding the tech retailers use & the vendors that make it. Orphan advocate with a focus on the Congo.


Phillip Russo

Editor and Publisher of Global Retail Brands magazine.


Tristan Pollock

EIR + VP @500Startups + Co-founder of @Storefront, @SocialEarth. Alum: @AngelPad, @BestBuy, @NDSU, @AUTuni. MN to NZ to SF.

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How we created the 2016 retail influencers list.

How we created the 2016 retail influencers list

Once again, we scoured the web to find the individuals who are sharing the best retail insights. We also invited existing influencers to nominate people they think are worthy of being on the list, and we looked at reader comments from our previous lists to ensure we didn’t miss anyone.

From there, we assessed each individual’s expertise and clout in the retail industry. We read their articles, listened to their commentaries, then looked at their experience, social following, and presence in retail events and publications. We used all the above factors to determine their place on our list.

What we mean by “retail influencers.”

What we mean by retail influencers

Retail influencers are people who consistently share valuable content and commentary about the industry. They have a deep understanding of retailers and shoppers and have extensive industry experience.

Most importantly, influencers educate and inform retailers on trends, current events, and best practices, so merchants can run their businesses better.

How you can be part of the list.

How you can be part of the list

Being relevant is a top factor when we’re determining who makes the list, so if you want to be part of Vend’s influencer roundup, you must be consistent in sharing retail-centric content.

We also look at social influence, so having an engaged following goes a long way. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have a strong presence in retail publications as well as mainstream media.

Thank you.

Many thanks to the following individuals for helping us create this list:

Paula Rosenblum - @paula_rosenblum
Phillip Russo - @philliprussopov
Bryan Gildenberg - @bryang_kr
Sucharita Mulpuru - @smulpuru
Melissa Gonzalez - @melsstyles
Kevin Graff - @graffretail
Tristan Pollock - @writerpollock
Joseph Skorupa - @joeskorupa
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle - @RetailMinded
Miya Knights - @mazzaknights