Vend brand guidelines.

These brand guidelines set out the rules for the use of the Vend logo mark, Vend word mark and related brand materials (“Vend Brand Assets”) by our partners, resellers and members of our experts and advisors network.

By using the Vend Brand Assets you agree to accept and abide by these guidelines. You further acknowledge that we own the Vend Brand Assets and have the authority to control your use of them as we see fit.

We’re pretty reasonable, but we do have a few rules in relation to your use of the Vend Brand Assets.

Logo colour options.

Our Vend logo can be displayed in the following four colour variations.

Size and space.

It’s important that the Vend logo is always large enough to be legible and has space to breathe.

What not to do.

You wouldn’t like to be stretched, crowded or washed out either.

Brand Use Guidelines.

  • Don’t use the Vend Brand Assets in any way which is likely to:
    • mislead or deceive the public, or
    • cause confusion, or
    • negatively impact on our reputation, or
    • cause harm, or
    • be considered illegal
  • Don’t use the Vend name as part of a company or trading name or domain name
  • Don’t use the Vend name as part of a social media account name or business page name such as Facebook URL or page name (eg, Facebook username (eg, Twitter URL or page name (eg, Instagram URL or page name (eg or LinkedIn page name (eg Vend Expert UK).
  • Don’t try to register a trademark or domain name that includes the words ‘Vend’(or misspellings of it).
  • Don’t copy the look and feel of any of Vend’s Brand Assets or Vend’s website.
  • Don’t alter the Vend Brand Assets in any way.

Logo pack download.

Here’s the complete set of logo files for you to download and share.