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Bira partnership

Announcing our exclusive partnership with the British Independent Retailers Association

  • bira’s chosen partner for retail ePOS

    Independent retail stores are the backbone of every UK town: bringing people together, supporting local business, and opening towns up to the world. bira have been the UK’s biggest independent retail network for 100+ years, so we’re thrilled to be bira’s chosen ePOS software partner to support retail growth.

  • Unlock the benefits of bira’s retail network

    A bira membership gives you access to exclusive benefits and business services, including an exclusive setup offer when signing up with Vend: Get a free 45-minute consultation with a Vend Retail Specialist, 50% off selected Onboarding & Training services packages, and award-winning 24/7 customer support.

  • Get advanced tools, simple for everyone to use

    Access the best retail technology for your business with our exclusive bira membership offer. Flexible and easy to use, Vend works across iPad, Mac or PC with popular hardware. Vend ePOS continually adds and further develops features, so your business stays at the front of retail without installation hassles or extra fees.

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