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Save time and minimize mistakes when operating your POS. Instructive videos and courses to give you and your employees the know-how to ring up more sales, manage inventory, pull reports, and run the world’s best retail.

Vend U resource center

How the best get better. Train your team to take it to the next level. Vend U offers advanced retail courses on merchandising, store management, customer service, and technology with practical tips to make the difference.

Vend training webinars

Learn more about Vend’s new features and get your questions answered by experts, live. Our training webinars cover everything from basic features to more advanced tutorials on inventory, ecommerce and much more.

Vend U Curriculum.

Launching with 20+ hours of courses and materials that you and your employees can access 24/7, right from the Vend web app, with new content added all the time.

Setting up your store

Setting up your store

New to Vend? Need a refresher on how Vend powers your retail business? This comprehensive course will guide you through everything you need to start selling with your Vend store — from setting up your products correctly, to adding your staff and managing your customers.

Merchandise & reporting

Introduction to merchandise reporting and management

Hear from Niko, a shop owner at Elevator accessories. Niko shares his tips and tricks on how to make smart merchandising decisions, use staff to gather important facts about how your customers shop, and the top reports you should keep track of to enhance your product assortment.

Building your customer base

Building your customer base

Learn from Karyn, the shop owner of the Workroom, as she shares her secrets on building a loyal customer base and bringing return customers back again and again through community building, and by adding real value to the lifestyle of her customers.

Vend Ecommerce

Vend Ecommerce

Thinking of selling to the world through Vend Ecommerce? We’ll walk you through how to bring your store online, sync your products and set up collections, and choose the right look and feel for your online store.

Vend Reporting

Vend Reporting

Vend Reporting lets you easily gather important insights and data on your sales, products and customers. In this comprehensive course, you’ll learn how to build your own customized reports plus we share the most important reports you should access in your business.

Vend Register iPad app

Vend Register iPad app

Set up your iPad with the right hardware and quick keys in minutes and start selling in-store or online with the Vend Register iPad app. Use this course to train your staff on the functionality of Vend Register to have them processing sales quickly and easily!

Vend accounting and Xero

Vend accounting and Xero

See how easy it can be to brush up on your accounting skills. We’ll walk you through how to connect your Xero account to Vend plus some important accounting tips.

Using product CSVs

Using product CSVs

Product CSVs allow you to easily add bulk products to your store for the first time, and quickly update your product lists. In this course, we’ll show you everything you need to know about using a CSV with Vend, and give you some slick Excel tips and tricks.

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Dean of Vend U


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Education Coordinator


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Channel Training


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Retail Success Coach — APAC

alexandra adams

Alexandra Adams

Retail Success Coach — EMEA

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