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12 Retail Trends and Predictions for 2015.

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Similar to our retail trends forecast for 2014, this year’s edition looks at emerging trends and technologies that will make waves in 2015. It also talks about how each trend affects the customer experience and it provides insights on how retailers can improve their customers’ shopping journeys.


In 2014, we saw more merchants venture into omnichannel retailing and try in-store marketing solutions such as beacons to enrich the shopping experience. Next year, we anticipate stores to double down on these strategies and continue to find ways to bridge the gap between offline and digital channels.

In addition, we expect platforms such as social media and mobile to play bigger roles in people's shopping experiences.

Many retailers leveraged social to engage users and influence their merchandising decisions this year, but in 2015, we’re anticipating companies to go beyond that and use social not just to showcase products, but to actually sell them.

The same goes for mobile. Companies won’t just use the small screen to “get in front” of customers (i.e. through geo-fencing and mobile-enabled sites). In 2015, retailers will step up their efforts by incorporating mobile into other parts of the customer journey, including order fulfillment, payments, and loyalty.

We discuss these trends—among many others—in more detail below. Read through the following predictions and see how you can use them to make decisions in 2015, stay ahead of your competitors, and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

Bottom Line: It’s all about the customer experience.

This post contains some pretty bold and diverse predictions, but if we really think about it, every single one of them boils down to one thing: improving the customer experience.

Keep this in mind whenever you’re pondering which direction to take your business. Always ask yourself if your efforts are truly making shopping faster, safer, and more enjoyable for your customers. Stick with that strategy, and you’ll be just fine in the future.

And if you’re looking for insights about these trends, be sure to check out our in-depth article on the Vend Retail Blog and LinkedIn.

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