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In God We Trust (IGWT) produces and sells impeccably tailored, ethically produced clothing and beautiful jewelry.

IGWT produces and sells clothing and jewelry across three brick and mortar locations, numerous international stockists, and its online store.

At a Glance

Hours saved a week in admin.

With Vend, In God We Trust has been able to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with their Shopify store.
  • Plan their production schedule.
  • Identify sales trends.
  • Update to stylish hardware.

The Challenge

Brooklyn based In God We Trust struggled with software that was difficult to use, reporting that took hours of admin time, and bulky, outdated hardware that clashed with the aesthetic of their stores and cash wrap.

///In God We Trust has been manufacturing clothes and jewelry in New York City for almost 15 years, and sells through multiple locations online and in-store.

Since inception, their beautiful products have continued to progress, but their old point of sale system was outdated and not meeting their needs. “Our old hardware looked so bad we actually starting hiding it in a suitcase,” says Operations Manager Catherine Freeman. “We knew we were in desperate need of an upgrade”.

As sales, demand, and their clientele grew, the IGWT team was ready for a solution that not only provided sleek, stylish hardware, but would also support their growth, rather than slow them down.

“We wanted a modern, minimal, and beautiful solution for inside the store, with features that could support our growth on the back end.”
Catherine Freeman, Operations Manager

The Solution

IGWT chose Vend for its seamless payment and ecommerce integrations, and beautiful hardware options.

Previous experience with Vend meant it was on the team’s shortlist from the beginning, with it’s Shopify integration standing out against other options. The direct integration means In God we Trust can now track sales as well as the cost of goods sold and their profitability across both its ecommerce and brick and mortar operations.

IGWT decided to use Vend on iPad with Square integrated payments and Star Micronics mPOP receipt printers and cash drawers. Integrated payments mean they save time on every transaction and during the end of day closeout, while the sleek mPOP printer and cash drawer no longer needs to be hidden in a suitcase.

“As we grow, we need systems to help support and drive our decisions. Whether we’re looking at last years performance to prove a hunch, or analyzing our customer database for trends, Vend’s flexible reporting system has becoming an integral part of our business.”
Catherine Freeman, Operations Manager

In God We Trust brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

With a clear view on what is selling and what is profitable in Vend, the IGWT team is able to plan their production scheduling. Plus, with Vend’s support they’ve also been able to continue to improve their operations and customer experience.

Using Vend the IGWT team makes decisions on upcoming production schedules from weekly sales reports, and design and creative decisions based on data from previous years. With Vend’s flexible reporting, the team can see what’s selling, what has done well in previous seasons, and use that insight to adjust their design plans and manufacturing schedule accordingly.

Vend’s round the clock support team was initially important to help them get up setup with the software, but now they’re up and running smoothly the team finds they need help less and less. Over time, they’ve found Vend constantly improving with regular updates and feature releases. Vend’s store credit feature was a welcome addition to the software - with the ability to attach credit to a customer profile, their customers don't have to worry about holding onto a card, or losing a receipt.

“Vend has gotten us in the habit of looking at how we made that money, where our profits and margins are coming from - it has made us better business managers, and helped us make smart, data driven decisions for our growth.”
Catherine Freeman, Operations Manager

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