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Vend means $[TOTAL ANNUAL ROI HERE] more every year.

Great result! Now let’s break down your total annual ROI so you can see how much revenue you can earn and the amount of time you can save with Vend.

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*Please note that the potential results outlined in this calculator are estimates only and that your actual results may vary. Vend does not guarantee that your business will achieve the revenue and savings projected by this ROI calculator.

Retail Management

Increase your annual revenue by $[MONTH ON MONTH RETURN HERE].

Vend’s retail management and reporting capabilities can give you tremendous insight into your inventory, enabling you to sell more of the right products. Additionally, our software’s CRM and loyalty features can help you personalize the customer experience, maximize shopper spend, and improve customer retention.

After a year of using Vend, you could increase your revenue by $[MONTH ON MONTH RETURN HERE] because of improved inventory turnover, higher transaction values, and more loyal customers.


*During their first 12 months, retailers who use Vend see their month over month revenue increase by an average of 1.70%. Vend retailers also increase their average return rate of repeat customers by 1.90% month over month and their average transaction value goes up by 1.12% after a year of using Vend.

Inventory Management

Reduce shrinkage and save $[INVENTORY SAVINGS HERE].

Vend’s powerful inventory management capabilities enable you to gain better visibility into your stock so you can maintain inventory accuracy and reduce shrink. And with regular inventory counts, you can efficiently stay on top of your stock levels to keep everything in check.

This could translate to $[INVENTORY SAVINGS HERE] in inventory savings after a year of using Vend.


*Vend customers who perform regular inventory counts and utilize the software’s inventory reports typically see a 42% decrease in shrinkage quarter-on-quarter.


Save up to 5 hours a week, which translates to $[ADMIN SAVINGS HERE] per year.

Vend can automate the most tedious tasks in your business. Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets, manual reconciliations, and painful inventory counts - Vend can streamline these for you so you can get more done in less time.

Retailers using Vend save up to 5 hours a week per store, which translates to $[ADMIN SAVINGS HERE] a year.


*A survey of Vend customers found that retailers who use our software typically save 5 hours per week.


Increase revenue by $[ECOMMERCE SAVINGS HERE] by selling online.

Sell online and have a storefront that’s open 24/7. Vend lets you connect an ecommerce store to Vend and syncs all product, inventory, customer and order information between your physical and digital stores, so you can save time and manage everything from a single platform. By using Vend with ecommerce, you could potentially see an additional $[ECOMMERCE SAVINGS HERE] in annual revenue.


*Retailers using ecommerce with Vend see a revenue increase of 4.36%.


See a return on your investment in weeks.

Between the potential boost in revenue, plus the time and money that Vend can help you save, our software will pay for itself after weeks.


*This figure is based on the number of stores you have, the amount of revenue you earn annually, and the potential results you can achieve with Vend. We also estimate how much Vend would cost for a business of your size, and factor that in when calculating your ROI timeframe.


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How do we calculate your ROI?

All calculations are based on actual data from thousands of Vend customers. We analyzed the sales, customer, and inventory data from retailers using Vend to figure out the results (i.e. increase in revenue, decrease in shrink) that they've achieved since they started using the software.

We also conducted surveys to determine the amount of time that retailers save with Vend, and used your employee earnings data to calculate your time savings.

Created by the industry’s top retail data experts.

Cameron Dey

Data Specialist

Cameron helps Vend makes sense out of all its customer data. He crunches the numbers and identifies trends within the company’s customer base to figure out how retailers are performing and what Vend can do to make their lives better.

Zivile Norkunaite

Data Engineer

Zivile analyzes and organizes Vend’s data to increase efficiencies throughout the company. She does this by creating easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that enable people at Vend to gain the insights they need to make smarter decisions.