Built for inventory-based retailers.

Unlike Kounta, which is designed for hospitality businesses, Vend is built specifically for inventory-based retailers. Vend comes with powerful built-in capabilities that retailers love, including loyalty, gift cards, store credit, lay-bys, and more. While some of these features are available on Kounta, you often have to enable them separately or use a third party, thus requiring more time and effort.


Go from setup to selling faster.

Vend’s setup is more intuitive and, as a result, faster than Kounta’s. Vend provides initial guides so you’ll learn how to use the software faster. Meanwhile, Kounta’s cluttered start screen takes longer to understand and become comfortable with. This results in time wasted where Vend can be ready sooner.


Easy staff management.

Vend’s staff management features aren’t just easier to use than Kounta’s, they’re also more powerful. Adding new users to Vend can be done with just a few clicks, while Kounta’s process involves multiple other steps.


Built-in features for delighting customers.

Vend allows you to build customer profiles and groups so you can better understand shoppers and provide a more personalized experience. Vend also offers built-in loyalty features that allow you to reward your best customers and keep them coming back.


Superior support options to ensure your success.

Kounta’s standard support hours are from 9 to 5 Mondays through Sundays. Vend, on the other hand, offers 24/7 support via email and chat, and round-the-clock phone support as part of our Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans. There’s also Vend University — a customer-exclusive educational portal that’s filled with world-class training videos and interactive resources to help you get the most out of Vend. Access it for free with all of our paid plans.

The best choice for modern retailers.

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Even retail experts agree: You’ll get more value out of Vend.

“[Vend] has developed an impressive inventory management system, an omni-channel sales approach with both in-store and online capabilities, an extensive list of integrations with third-party software, and an all together well-rounded retail management solution.”

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Vend: the retail platform that helps retail businesses grow.

Vend is the best alternative to Kounta for inventory-based retailers of all sizes. Vend gives you the tools to manage your inventory, build relationships with customers, and get vital insights into your business – all from one easy-to-use, cloud-based retail platform.

Vend scales with your business, so whether you’re running a single fashion store or a multi-channel retail empire, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

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