Built for inventory-based retailers.

Unlike ShopKeep, Vend focuses specifically on inventory-based retailers. Vend is dedicated to providing the precise inventory control retailers want, without the headache. With Vend, you’ll get a centralized product catalog to manage inventory across all your channels, intuitive stock control features, and the ability to do full or partial inventory counts. And because your time is valuable, Vend also gives you the ability to automatically reorder product when the count is getting low.


Works on any operating system.

Vend and ShopKeep were both among the first POS systems to use iPads, but while ShopKeep is still only available on the iPad, Vend didn’t stop there. Vend is browser-based so it also works on PCs and Macs. Additionally, Vend is compatible with a wider range of industry standard point of sale hardware, including receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers you may already own.


Support for multiple locations and channels.

Unlike ShopKeep, Vend gives retailers powerful tools for managing multiple locations and channels. Vend lets you manage your inventory from one central catalog, syncing products across all your sales channels and transferring easily between stores. This gives you better control over your inventory so you can keep your stores stocked with the right products at the right time.


Reporting made specifically for retailers.

ShopKeep’s reporting doesn’t provide many options when it comes to getting insight into multiple locations. Vend, on the other hand, lets you view individual store metrics down to the register level so you can uncover local trends, identify top-selling products and set sales targets for each location. Say goodbye to manual reporting!


Strong integrations and partnerships.

You can easily expand the capabilities of Vend — and your business — with add-ons. We’re always adding new integrations for everything from accounting to employee management. Unlike ShopKeep, which only has a handful of integrations, Vend has dozens of add-ons — including Xero, Shopify, Timely, and Deputy. And we’re adding more all the time. Not to mention, Vend has solid partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies including Apple and Square.


Flexible pricing.

While ShopKeep touts their one-size-fits-all pricing plan, Vend’s pricing structure offers better flexibility. Vend has three different paid plans, starting at $69/month USD. It’s easy to scale up as your business grows or if you want to add additional features like gift cards, advanced user permissions, and advanced reporting. Plus you can save even more with Vend by billing annually.


Seamless ecommerce.

Ecommerce is an important revenue stream for many businesses, yet ShopKeep doesn’t offer this functionality. Vend doesn’t just provide built-in ecommerce, but we make sure that your brick-and-mortar store(s) and ecommerce site work seamlessly so you won’t feel like you’re running two separate businesses. Vend’s stellar inventory control features and detailed reporting work across both channels.


Worldwide support and features.

Unlike ShopKeep, which is available only in the US, Canada, and the UK, Vend caters to retailers around the globe. Vend supports different tax rules, offers cash rounding for countries that implement rounding rules, and provides global payment support. That’s why Vend’s customer base is spread out over 140 countries – and counting!

The best choice for modern retailers.

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Other retailers agree: Vend is far better than ShopKeep.

“Vend has the ability to manage multiple inventory locations and this is huge for those who have several stores.

We have 9 inventory locations, and managing these through ShopKeep would have been impossible. Vend's customer support team is also very responsive and will call back or respond to emails within a short period of time. We didn’t receive that level of service with ShopKeep.”

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Vend: Empowering retailers, plain and simple.

Vend is the best alternative to ShopKeep for inventory-based retailers – no matter how big or small. Simple to install and a cinch to use, Vend gives you powerful tools to manage inventory, create relationships with customers, and stay smart about your business.

Vend’s cloud-based platform offers impressive reporting capabilities, scales easily with your business, and puts everything you need at your fingertips.

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