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Running your back office has never been so easy.

Vend connects with Xero accounting to share key data seamlessly in the cloud, helping you understand your business better, reduce admin, and save time every day.

Vend and Xero share key data seamlessly in the cloud.

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Save hours on admin.

Vend and Xero sync your information both ways. This means no more double entry when it comes to contacts, register closures, account sales and more.

Work from the cloud.

Vend and Xero are both cloud-based business tools, so you can check in on your store (or stores) from any device, anywhere. No more late nights in the back office.

Know your business better.

Vend and Xero connect seamlessly in the cloud so you'll be able to track cash flow, what is due, and what is owed in real-time. Always make the most informed decisions.

Discover how Vend can help transform your business.

Retail is demanding. Vend makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions.

  • Products & inventory

    Easily add and sell any type of product. Track inventory in one or many stores.

  • Customer loyalty

    Get to know your best customers and reward repeat business with Loyalty.

  • Real-time reporting

    See an instant snapshot of sales & staff performance from anywhere, anytime.

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Faster reconciliations.

Your latest transactions are imported and categorised in Xero, so reconciliation of your daily sales totals from Vend is only ever a few clicks away.

Custom invoicing.

Apply custom branding to your invoices and send regular statement balances to customer accounts. Track every invoice in Xero so you always know what is paid or overdue.

Simplified stock orders.

Publish your stock orders from Vend as accounts payable invoices in Xero, and easily keep track of and reconcile any outstanding purchases.

What retailers and their accountants
are saying about Vend and Xero.

Dave Jessop

“Being a Vend Advisor allows us to help our clients on to Vend as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our clients are happy because Vend is awesome, and we’re happy because our client’s books are accurate, up to date and detailed.”

Dave Jessop, CEO at DJCA, Xero Platinum Partner

Hugh McIntyre

"Vend was my first choice for a POS... The time savings alone
are worth hundreds of dollars a week to me."

Hugh McIntyre, Little Mule
Murray Craine

“Vend has saved me 40+ hours of admin work each week.
That's the equivalent of a full-time employee.”

Murray Crane, founder Murray Crane Suits
Heidi Seal

“Using Xero and Vend together allow retailers to be able to see a real time and accurate picture of exactly what is going on in the business, and quickly locate any discrepancies or red flags.”

Heidi Seal, director at Bay Business Services Limited

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Vend's Advisor program is designed for busy accountants and bookkeepers who want to provide their retail clients with the best solutions and services, with no support obligation.

Refer your retail clients to Vend, earn commission, and save yourself and your clients hours of work every week.

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