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Take the guesswork out of getting started with Vend

Work with us, or one of our accredited Vend Expert Partners, to get set up right, first time. Save time, move with confidence, and get the most out of Vend right from the start.

Vend Onboarding & Training Services

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For single-store retailers wanting a hand to set things up.

Get the advice you need to make informed decisions about your setup, so you can do it on your own with confidence.

All these great services:

  • Kick-off to discuss goals and existing processes
  • Tips and advice to get set up so you can do it yourself
  • Quick guided tour of Vend
  • 1,000 SKUs upload
  • Quick data integrity check
  • Wrap-up call to answer remaining questions and give final advice
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For single-store retailers with a small team to train. (MOST POPULAR)

Save time and effort by letting us do some of the heavy lifting for you and show you how to do the rest, right first time.

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Configuration of settings, taxes and payment types
  • Tips and advice on how to complete the rest of your setup
  • Training on how to best use Vend for your business
  • 10,000 SKUs upload
  • Customer migration
  • Full data integrity check
  • Help with coordinating the launch of Vend
  • Follow-up session 1 month after launch
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For multi-store and single-store retailers with more complex operations.

Complete a fully-tailored onboarding services. We’ll do all the hard work for you and provide custom training to your team.

Everything in Enhanced, plus:

  • Custom services tailored to your business
  • User setup and user account creation
  • Gift card balances migration
  • Loyalty balances migration
  • Training on how to use CSVs
  • Help with the integration of your apps
  • In-depth training of how to use Vend
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Vend also offers feature training and bespoke packages

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Vend expert

Get hands-on assistance, with a certified Vend Expert

If you’d like an extra hand, such as a person to visit you in-store to help with setting up your hardware and system, we can put you in touch with an accredited Vend Expert Partner in your area.

  • Provide extensive hardware setup and system configuration - onsite if required
  • Assist you with connecting Vend to other apps (i.e. Xero, Shopify, Deputy, and more)
  • Develop custom integrations unique to your business
  • Offer ongoing training and support for you and your staff
  • Provide IT services such as Internet or telephone

Contact us and we’ll help you find the right Expert for your retail business.

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