12 Tips of Christmas: Piccadilly


Piccadilly shoes is a worldwide brand, which is made and designed in Brazil. Always attentive to what’s happening on the streets of major international centres, Piccadilly seasonal collections bring all the greatest new trends with unparalleled comfort and affordability. That’s why they’re hot all over the world. But what does Store Owner Marina do to get ready for Christmas?

Xmas Tip #6:
“Run friend-get-friend promotions to get seasonal social shopping pumping.”

“It is a busy time of year, so to remind people to indulge themselves as well as buy others gifts, we like to bring the social aspect into shopping. For example we run a ‘BFFs unite! Friends make everything better!’ promotion, where if two people come together they each receive $25 off.”

pic 1 pic 2

So if you happen to find yourself near Newmarket, grab a friend and go say hi!

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