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Taylor Road is a contemporary homeware store focused on creating a shopping experience to love. It was founded in 2009 by Anne and John Heng with the vision to personally source the very best from around the world in home and gift giving. Taylor Road aims to offer customers products to fill every room in their home, from dinnerware and cookware to bed linen and a selection of over 170 leaf teas. They have beautiful stores and run such a good business that they won a hotly contested Global Innovation Award for Excellence in Housewares Retail. To tell us more about that we spoke to Hannah Heng.

Xmas Tip #7:
“Even though it’s your busiest time, it’s more important than ever to deliver on customer service.”

“For Taylor Road, Christmas success is all about customer service. Christmas is always a stressful time for people and shopping can seem like a huge hassle when you’re scavenging for carparks and whittling down the dollars,” says Hannah.

“After a tough day of fighting the crowds at the mall and avoiding kids who’re hopped up on candy canes, there’s nothing better than a helpful sales assistant who can remain calm and offer a smile amongst the chaos. Happy staff make for happy customers and happy customers make for good sales! ”

Q: Tell us about winning best store in the world!
A: Winning the Global Innovation Award for Excellence in Housewares Retail was a huge honor for Taylor Road. In March this year Anne and John went to Chicago for the awards ceremony and were over-the-moon to be selected as one of the five honorees amongst such incredible worldwide retailers. It has been dubbed as the Oscars of the retail world and such an honor for a small, young company has really given Taylor Road the confidence to continue to grow and expand, with the new Ponsonby store opening in June this year.

Q: How has Vend helped you?
A: As a company, Taylor Road has been with Vend since both our early stages so they’ve have been able to work closely to meet our ever changing and growing needs. Having a Cloud operated system allows us to make the most out of our working hours. Being able to load products and manage sales from anywhere in the world has been invaluable for the operation of the business. This was also an enormous benefit when opening our second store.

Q: What advice do you have for getting the best out of Vend?
A: Vend is impeccable on customer service so our advice to get the best out of Vend is to ask questions and make suggestions. If something isn’t working or you’d like to see changes made then make yourself heard. Nothing happens over night but chances are that you’re not alone with your requests and Vend is an innovative company who readily listens to the suggestions of their customers.

Q: What’s Christmas trade like for you?
A: Christmas is always our busiest time of the year. We offer a variety of complimentary gift-wrapping as well as tea tasting, Christmas treats and friendly staff. It’s important for us to stay on top of stock and packaging supplies such as bags, bubble wrap and wrapping paper/ribbon as the holidays are always a tough time for couriers and suppliers, so you don’t want to be leaving things until the last minute.

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