Looking to be more productive, increase sales, and get customers to love you? There’s an app for that.


Do you use an iPad in your business? Then you have to check out Vend’s list of retail apps—a compilation of 20+ iPad apps that can help make retailers’ lives better. We’ve included applications that can streamline just about every aspect of your business, from payments and accounting, to HR and customer service.  We even threw in some bonus apps for good measure.

On this list you’ll discover apps that can:

– Make tasks faster and easier so you can spend more time serving customers, growing your business, and doing the things you love.

– Help increase your subscribers, fans, and customers.

– Improve communication with your customers, employees, vendors, and more. 


A list created by retailers, for retailers

How did we come up with the list? Simple. We asked YOU.

Vend turned to over 4,000 retailers and sought out nominations for their favorite business apps. We went through all the submissions, picked out the best ones, and compiled them into a convenient, easy-to-read page so you can view all the app info and links from one place.


Why you’ll love this list

This isn’t some run-of-the-mill “list post”. We’ve put a lot of thought into which items should be included and we’ve made sure that every single app on this list can benefit retailers.

What’s more, all our app descriptions are tailored for storeowners, which means you won’t find any generic web copy here.

Aside from giving a general overview of what the apps are about, we’ve included a special section called “Why retailers love it,” which provides the retail-specific benefits of each application, so you’ll know exactly how to use it in your business.

Click here to view the list.


Join the conversation

We’d love to hear from you! Did we miss anything? What other apps do you use in your business?  Tell us all about them in the comments.


Image:  Wiertz Sébastien on flickr


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