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If you run a cafe or a quick-service restaurant you know how irksome long queues can be for your early morning coffee crowd. And fast-paced lunch crowd. And those folks just looking for a quick snack in between errands or meetings. And irksome is the last feeling you want your customers to have when they walk into your establishment.

With Vend add-on Mobi2Go, you can let all your customers skip the queues, have faster turnaround on all your food and drinks, and make more sales with your very own custom online ordering app.


What is Mobi2Go online ordering?

Online and mobile ordering is a convenient way for customers to select, order and pay for food from your restaurant or hospitality business in their own time over the internet using a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device.

“Mobi2Go mitigates big lines in the shop, integrates directly with our POS system Vend, and is an additional revenue stream for us. There’s no reconciling at the end of the day, which is a huge time saver. It works really well.”

Ben Grant, Owner, Bird On A Wire


Reduce in-store wait times.

While it’s great having so many customers wanting your food that lines are going out the door, it’s not so great having customers complain or go elsewhere because they don’t want to wait.

Online ordering is just like opening up extra lanes on the freeway during rush hour. With a steadier flow of traffic, you can serve more people during your busy times without losing customers to your competitors.


Increase your revenue.

Success comes down to how much money you’re making, and clients with online ordering experience on average 20-30% more sales. You’re increasing your sales channels by capturing a new tech savvy customer base who prefer the convenience of ordering online ahead of time. Customers who order online spend more money on average than in-store, and repeat orders and customer loyalty increases.

But the killer beauty of online ordering is that the system saves previous orders, so when a customer logs in, their favourite food is there waiting for them to order again. Pretty cool huh?

Sign up and activate with Mobi2Go online ordering and Vend before February 2015 and get a custom built iPhone and Android app, valued at $1500, plus menu loading valued at $500, for free! Learn more here.

Why a branded ordering app will help your business.

A custom built, branded online ordering app is a great way to increase customer loyalty and return visits. It’s pretty much like having your store in your customers’ pockets at all times, keeping you top of mind when hunger strikes.

Branded apps have a higher proportion of regular (customers who’ve ordered 10+ times) and returning customers, so people who order through an app tend to be more loyal. Loyal customers are your best customers.

For more insights into online ordering, check out Mobi2Go’s beginners guide to online and mobile ordering.

Ready to get started? Sign up with MobiGo online ordering and Vend and get a FREE custom built iPhone and Android app!

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