Thanks for joining the Auckland Retailers Meet-up

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Mulled wine, delicious food and interesting conversations.

On a (not so chilly) Wednesday evening we had the first ever Auckland Retailers Meetup. Hosted by Andrew Howson in his ultra cool store, Sitka, a diverse bunch of savvy retailers from all different sectors and backgrounds came together.

We heard Simon Pound (Ingrid Starnes), Rose Hope (The Bread and Butter Letter) and Andrew Howson (Sitka) all share their tips for retail success. This paved the way for a open discussion from the crowd on what is and isn’t working for retailers.

A few highlights on the evening included;

  • Simon Pound talking about using storytelling to engage customers in sharing the history of the products that he is selling.
  • How transformational it’s been for certain businesses, particularly Sitka, to have a profit-sharing program with their staff, and the importance of transparency in the business.
  • Exploring out-of-the box thinking. Rose Hope from The Bread and Butter Letter discussed how you can teach your customers about your brand and what to expect from you. If you’re always doing sales and discounting your products, you will be known as a sales and discount store. If you’re providing unique products and fantastic service, that’s what everyone will remember you by. To set her store apart, Rose focuses on ways to build community and engage regularly with customers. Examples for Rose include her vintage and lifestyle blog, craft exhibitions, and running events in her studio.
  • Finding your own unique voice and brand in a crowded market through distinct in-store experiences including the furniture, tags, displays, and how you interact with customers.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us on the evening. And to those who couldn’t attend – we hope to see you next time.

If you haven’t shared your feedback on the evening, please let us know your thoughts and ideas so we can improve the next Meetup.

Want to host a Meetup? Drop me a line for more information about hosting one in your store or getting involved as a speaker.

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