Introducing the Vend Ambassador Program

Meet Nick. Nick works for Vend.

Why is Nick so happy?

Nick is happy because every day he gets to make retailers all over the world happy too, by helping them unplug their clunky old cash registers, smash up their backup disks, return their servers, stop paying exorbitant upgrade & maintenance fees, and start using Vend – the point-of-sale for clever stores.

In fact, spreading the word about Vend makes Nick so happy that he can’t keep it to himself any longer. Now he wants you to share in the joy of telling the world about Vend, by joining the Vend Ambassador Program.

Shout it from the rooftops! Write it on a note and slip over the counter! Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it to your Pinterest, then blog it from your fax machine! However you want to spread the word, we want to help you do it. Because just look at the photo… look at it! Helping retailers discover Vend will MAKE YOU HAPPY!

It could even make you some sweet cash, too..

So what are you waiting for? Get happy. Become a Vend Ambassador today.

Why become a Vend Ambassador?

  • Earn 2 months subscription fees for every customer you refer!
  • Joining is free, and takes seconds.
  • There are no obligations or contracts.
  • Just send customers our way, we’ll take care of the rest.
What other cool stuff do I get?
  • A tasty, green referral badge for your website or blog.
  • VIP access to other promotional goodies & events.
  • To become part the big, green, Vend family.
  • To be as happy as Nick.

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About Nick Houldsworth

Chief Marketing Officer at Vend. Husband. Father of three. Beard grower. Mandolin player. Tuesday drinker. Love helping retailers the world over grow great businesses.