This Week in Retail: The value of going cloud, Connecting through window displays, Taking your vintage store to the next level.


What’s the real value from moving your business to the cloud? How can your storefront display help attract customers? What are the do’s and don’ts for working with influencers? We’ve found the answers to these questions from some of our favourite blogs and places on the internet.

1. Exploring the true value of moving your small business to the cloud.

It’s often hard to put a true value on moving your business into the cloud. How do you judge a successful move to the cloud, and what counts as a win in your ledger books? This article from the cloud consultancy Arrowrock asks some real world retailers what they’re getting out of the cloud.

2. Connecting with your customers through the art of window displays.

Your window display is the first impression your store gives to potential customers – so are you putting in the effort it needs to be a successful sales tool. Retail Minded looks at creative strategies being used by Chicago store owners to turn their storefronts from just product displays into scenes telling the stories of their products instead – ultimately inviting more sales.

3. How to take your vintage store to the next level.

This is the golden age of vintage retail, and the success of Etsy is proof of that. This article from the Etsy blog looks at how the creme-de-creme of the Etsy’s online marketplace have made careers out of selling vintage fashion and apparel, and the important steps they took on their journeys to retail success.

4. 8 Strategies for reaching out to online influencers.

Social media has changed word-of-mouth marketing forever. Customers and purchase influencers hold the attention of thousands of people through their blogs, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Here are 8 tips from leading marketers for finding, engaging, and really flourishing by working with the top influencers in your field. (By the way, have you checked out our Top 50 Retail Influencer’s list?)

5. Funny: Shame Of Walking Out Without Buying Anything Drives 90% Of Purchases At Small Businesses

And a bit of satirical humour from The Onion, to lighten up the week, this time with an observation that no doubt will resonate with store owners and every day consumers alike.

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