Vender of the Week: Capital District


Capital District is a clothing retailer from Kuwait which combines the country’s unique cultural heritage with a unique and modern twist. Head designer and CEO Mohammed Boland got in touch with us to tell us how useful Vend’s daily sales tools and and inventory management system is to his business, and how much he’s looking forward to connecting his new ecommerce website to Vend. We’re looking forward to it too, Mohammed!

Dear Grace,

Thank you for this amazing opportunity as I’m in love with your product and really think that it did elevate our business and the way that we monitor our sales and get sales reports.

I was using a local alternative POS system which to my disappointment didn’t really give me much options such as syncing our stores inventory with our websites inventory, or even a brief preview of our daily sales, especially that we are in 2013 and that everything is done from the palm of your hand.

This frustration made me look for another alternative online and I was amazed by your product after looking at other competitors and even trying them out. I really love the simplicity of the product and how the vendor interacts with the product tab.

Honestly I’ve been recommending the product to many of my friends and acquaintances and really do see my self as a VendHQ Ambassador here in Kuwait to every body else that faces the problems that I faced. We will soon be revamping our website in the aim of connecting it to Vend and I cant wait to see the results. I salute you for this amazing solution and hope to see more updates in the future.

Again thank you for your interest,

Mohammed Boland
(Head designer / CEO, Capital District Clothing)

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