This Week in Retail: The best of mobile checkouts, evolving with your customers, and more.

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Vend is back with another roundup of excellent articles for retailers. This week, we cover online selling, email marketing, customer service, retail evolution, and mobile checkout.

Read away!

1. 3 ways to (finally) start selling online – Looking to set up an online store for the first time? This post gives an easy-to-digest overview of what your options are. Mike Periu gives us the lowdown on the different routes you can take when venturing into ecommerce, along with the costs the come with each option.

2. The email strategies of 20 top retailers – Here’s an interesting study that gives us a peek at the email marketing strategies of major retailers. It sheds light on what they’re doing right (and what they’re not doing) in terms of email frequency and personalization. Our takeaway? You can do better. Check out our post on email marketing for retailers to find out how.

3. 5 reasons to satisfy unreasonable customers – Every retailer encounters difficult customers. And during such instances, it’s important to remember five magic words: the customer is always right. In this post, Erica Tevis lists a number of good reasons why retailers should keep their cool and work on pleasing unreasonable customers.

4. Nordstrom exec: evolve or die – Jamie Nordstrom, president of stores at the major department store had a talk with the NRF about how retailers can better serve shoppers. His main advice? Evolve with your customers, or die. Read the rest of the post and learn how Nordstrom is doing just that.

5. 10 of the world’s best mobile commerce checkouts – This is a must-read for any retailer who has (or is thinking of launching) a mobile-enabled storefront. David Moth of Econsultancy offers a roundup of some of the best mobile commerce checkouts based on speed, security, ease of use, and more. He even provides screenshots. Check out (no pun intended) his article and see if you can use it to improve your own mobile store efforts.


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