This Week in Retail: Pricing hacks, advice on turning clicks into store visits, and more

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Hey Venders!

We’ve got a diverse set of articles for you in our latest issue of This Week in Retail. Today you’ll learn what the future holds for retail, how to implement in-store tech, how to prevent failed product launches, and more.

Dig in!

1. Why the future of retail will blow your mind – In this post, Puneet Meht writes about how retailers can use Big Data to thrive. He also makes nine predictions of what stores would look like in the near future, and what merchants can do to keep up. It’s a good read. His points are spot on, and a lot them are in line with Vend’s own retail predictions.

2. 10 surprising pricing strategies that can drastically improve sales – Sometimes, small pricing tweaks or tests can make all the difference. In this post, you’ll learn 10 techniques that can make your prices look more attractive. When you’re done reading be sure to check out Vend’s post about finding your pricing sweet spot for more insights.

3. The five biggest reasons why consumer products fail – Why do some products fly off the shelves while others sit there gathering dust? What does it take to deliver a homerun product launch? This article answers all that by naming the five biggest reasons and mistakes that lead to the failure of consumer products. Find out what they are by reading the post, and then ask yourself: Are you committing any of those errors in your store?

4. How retailers can turn clicks into store visits – According to this article, the key to driving in-store sales is bringing the transparency and convenience of online shopping into brick and mortar. Accenture Retail offers some great statistics, insights, and advice to help retailers leverage online opportunities. Give it a read and see if you can apply those learning to your business.

5. In-store tech, sales driver or hype? –  We here at Vend are huge fans of in-store innovation and we encourage merchants to use retail technology if–and this is key–it truly adds value to the store. But as this article points out, a lot of retailers invest in exciting store gizmos, but fail to put them into good use once the hype or “cool factor” dies down. Don’t make the same mistake. Like what we pointed out in our post about retail perception gaps, you should see to it that the innovations you adopt actually tie in to the essential needs of your shoppers.


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