This Week in Retail: Boosting customer loyalty, understanding showrooming, and three more must-reads

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Are your customers cheating on you? Is showrooming really a threat to retailers? How can you improve the shopping experience in your store? Our latest This Week in Retail roundup answers these questions and more.

Read away!

1. Loyalty lost? Your best customers are cheating on you – Did know that your top customers may not actually be that loyal to your brand? A recent study revealed that most retailers’ “best” customers (i.e., the top 20 percent of customers by spend) actually shop at competing brands, challenging the notion that your top spenders are your most loyal ones. Read the rest of the article to learn more about the study and to find out how you can redefine and improve loyalty in your business.

2. What are you doing to better your customer experience? – Julie Cobbe, founder at, shares her top tips and ideas for how retailers can improve their customers’ experience. From keeping your staff happy, to taking care of the “little things” in your business, you’re bound to pick up some great pointers that you can apply in your store. Check it out!

3. Explaining Twitter’s new “buy” button – You may have heard that Twitter recently unveiled its “buy” button, a feature that lets users complete purchases on the microblogging platform itself. If you’re looking to learn about it or are wondering about the implications it may have on Twitter, your business, and your customers, this article on Bloomberg should be able to fill you in.

4. E-commerce: Going beyond omnichannel for creative customer experiences – Looking for ideas to inject some creativity into the customer experience? This post offers some creative examples of merchants who are not only delivering omnichannel experiences but also are executing them in unique and imaginative ways.

5. How much showrooming are consumers really doing? – Worried about showrooming? This eMarkter piece should help give you some perspective. It provides data on the types of consumers prone to showrooming along with the top reasons consumers are doing it. View the post to learn more.


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