This Week in Retail: Choosing the right online marketplace, improving your small biz website, and more

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Do you have your reading cap on? Great. Because our latest This Week in Retail roundup features a handful of excellent blog posts that’ll give you insights on how to improve the customer experience both offline and online. From improving your website to reevaluating your in-store procedures, you’re bound to learn something new today.

Check out what we have in store:

 1. Is your small business website living up to customer expectations? – As customers increasingly take their research and shopping online, having an awesome website is more important than ever. It’s best to review your site regularly to ensure that it’s giving users the best experience possible. Here’s a quick and simple blog post to help you do just that. Go through the items and see if you’re applying its pointers to your site.

2. Men define loyalty programs through honor, women see trust – Men and women have different views on loyalty programs. And whether your business caters to just one gender or both, it’s important that you’re aware of their distinct perceptions so you can tailor your loyalty efforts more effectively. Read this article to learn more about the different loyalty views of men and women, and see that your strategies are in line with their perceptions.

 3. Which online marketplaces are best for your business? – Looking to sell your products on online marketplaces? Check out this great interview that Multichannel Marketer conducted with Jayson Humphrey, ChannelAdvisor’s strategic partnership manager. He offers excellent insights on choosing the best marketplaces for your business.

 4. Main street retail: David v. Goliath in a small town – In this post, Stephen Sparrow shares an amazing story of how a small coin laundry was able to maintain a thriving business despite having a bigger laundry chain open up next door. The article sheds light on some important lessons in customer experience and satisfaction, and it’s a must-read for any neighborhood small biz.

 5. Are you driving your customers away? – Are you sending shoppers packing? This post might give you some insights into why people are leaving. Retail Minded’s Nicole Leinbach Reyhle lists some of the top reasons customers walk out your doors. Go through them, then reevaluate your staff and procedures appropriately.

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