This Week in Retail: Why ecommerce is hitting Main Street, how to find retail holiday success and more

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Our latest This Week in Retail post tackles how to run sales during the holidays, how to stay on top of cashflow, why e-commerce is hitting physical retail, and more.

Read away!

1. 4 ways to offer sales that boost (not damage) your business – “Offering customers a deal isn’t always a good deal for your business,” writes Geoff Williams. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer deals at all. When implemented correctly, sales and coupons can do wonders for your business. How? Read his article to learn more.

2. A small business entrepreneur’s guide to brilliant cashflow management – Not having a solid handle on how much cash goes in and out your biz can keep you from making critical store decisions, so it’s *very* important that you stay on top of cashflow management. Need help on how to do this? Lucie Mitchell, along with our friends from Xero, offer some great tips on cashflow forecasting, financial management, and more. Check it out!

3. 8 questions to be answered when considering retail sales training – Looking to train your sales team? Before diving into a program, take some time to look over important details such as what your objectives are, what tools you’re going to use, what your training calendar would look like, and more. Doing so will make your staff’s sales training more effective. Head on over to the website of Bob Phibbs (aka: the Retail Doctor) to learn about the questions you should ask before implementing sales training.

4. Why online retailers continue to open brick-and-mortar stores – If you’re still doubting the power of brick-and-mortar stores, be sure to give this post a read. Mike Kercheval of the International Council of Shopping Centers shares his thoughts on the importance of physical retail and why e-commerce sites such as Birchbox and Frank & Oak are setting up shop offline.

5. Retail experts share must-have tips for a successful holiday season – Should you focus on digital channels during the holidays? What lessons can we learn from 2013’s holiday season, and what challenges await you this year? This post answers those questions and more. RTP’s Alicia Fiorletta caught up with Ethan Decker and Laura Davis-Taylor of The Integer Group, and conducted a Q&A on some important holiday retail trends. Check out their answers here.


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