This Week in Retail: Enhancing the customer experience, managing your inventory, and more

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Happy New Year, Venders!

We’re back with our latest roundup of must-read posts for retailers. Today we have some great articles that’ll help you start the year strong, including a post on unifying physical and digital retail, an article on inventory management, and more.

Read away!

1. Retailing: re-tailored for 2015 – Strategizing for 2015? This post could give you ideas of what you can implement in the coming year. Saleforce’s Shelley Bransten offers five tactics that could help you “deliver what the customers needs and maximize sales.”

2. Adding the personal touch to brick-and-mortar stores – The need for personalization will be greater than ever in 2015, which is why retailers should continuously find ways to tailor people’s shopping experiences. And no, this isn’t just about inserting their name in your marketing emails—we’re talking about personalizing each customer’s experience both online and offline. This piece provides tips on how to accomplish that.

3. Creating a cohesive experience for your retail customers – Speaking of online and offline shopping experiences, if you’re struggling with merging physical and digital retail, then this piece is a must-read. Jayson DeMers explains how you can merge your customers’ online and real-world experiences, by making sure that your ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores look (and feel and behave) “like they’re part of the same retail family.”

4. Sears, mobile and Apple Pay: what to watch in 2015 – Omnichannel and social are some of the biggest retail trends predicted to take 2015 by storm, but they’re not the only ones that’ll make waves next year. As Krystina Gustafson put it, there are also some “less obvious trends that experts predict will shape the retail world in the coming year.” This post sheds light on five of these trends and predictions. Check out her article to learn more.

5. Taking stock of what’s important: managing inventory – “Optimal inventory should be just above ‘Goldilocks level’,” writes Nichelle Stephens on the Xero blog. She shares some interesting tips on how you can maintain optimal inventory levels, and what you can do when items underperform. See if you can apply any of her pointers in your own inventory management system.

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